Modern Mystic: Ladies Nite Out

Modern Mystic Ladies Nite Out!!
Psychomanteum: Scrying Workshop & Experience!
With Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD

Friday March 31, 2023. 7pm to 9:30pm CST
at Mind, Soul, and Self LLC in Sheboygan, WI!!


This ladies nite out is part workshop/part experience!! Focusing on scrying!! Traditionally, scrying is performed with the use of a reflective surface, such as a mirror, water, or crystal globe. The word “scrying” actually comes from the Old English word descry which means “to make out dimly” or “to reveal.” Therefore, scrying is about revealing the unseen through the use of our intuitive second sight (Clairvoyance). Second sight is our capacity to see things that can’t usually be perceived through our five senses. You will learn all about the history of scrying and second sight. Christina will cover scrying tools, techniques, and methods. Christina will then guide you into a deeply relaxed trance state where you will then experiment with multiple scrying techniques and use it to intuitively answer life’s questions and participate in self discovery. 

A psychomanteum is a small, enclosed area set up with a comfortable chair, dim lighting, and a mirror angled so as not to reflect anything but darkness intended to communicate with spirits. Christina will create a black light psychomanteum at her office in downtown Sheboygan. She will have black light Scrying Mirrors and Crystal Balls for everyone to use. Some will also be available for purchase. You can also bring your own scrying divination tools if you have any.

The fee is $68. Space is limited to 6 people.

We will focus on spirit communication as well as intuitive readings for each participant. I will also have some paranormal investigation tools (EMF meter, EVP recorder) available to sense the presence of spirits.


About Dr. Christina: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a scholar, teacher, consultant, spiritual counselor, and holistic healing facilitator with 25 years of higher education and experience in psychology, spirituality, and holistic healing. She specializes in Women’s Spiritual and Emotional Wellness. Her business is Mind, Soul, and Self LLC. She has her PhD in Health Psychology, Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, 2 bachelor degrees in psychology and anthropology, a minor in Sociology, and is trained in Transpersonal Psychology, having studied with Stan Grof MD, PhD-the founder of the field. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Natural Perfumer, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, High Priestess in Training in the Wiccan Family Temple Tradition, Awakening Your Light Body Graduate, Intuitive, and Modern Mystic. She is a published author and award-winning researcher and healthcare provider. She was an instructor in the Institute for Intuitive Arts and Sciences in Madison, WI. She strongly believes in empowering others to heal themselves. For more information, please visit


Registration: Space is limited to 6 people! Registration closes March 28, 2023 or when space is full! Please contact Dr. Christina with any questions at To register, please pay the $68 fee via the Paypal cart below. OR YOU may also pay $65 (save $3 on the credit card fee) via Venmo @Christina-Wilke-Burbach. Please note, all sales and payments for The Modern Mystic are final. If you cancel your attendance or do not show up your payment is non-refundable. Also, please note that this is a safe space open to adult awakening women, non-binary individuals, and transgender women over 18 years.

By paying the fee/registering, you acknowledge that you understand:

  • This is a SUPPORT AND EXPERIENTIAL GROUP AND SPIRIT CIRCLE for adult awakening women, non-binary individuals, and transgender women over 18 years old experiencing a spiritual awakening.
  • Space is limited to about 6 participants so everyone has time to share and discuss.
  • You understand group time and discussion is shared among all attendees and you agree not to dominate the discussion
  • We discuss metaphysical and esoteric topics.
  • This group is a safe, peaceful, and harmonious setting.
  • This is a judgment-free zone.
  • This is a live online meeting that will not be recorded to honor confidentiality and sacred space. If you register for the live group and do not attend, you understand that you will not be sent a recording.
  • Please note, all sales and payments for the Modern Mystic are final. If you cancel your attendance your payment is non-refundable.
  • No weapons (pepper spray, knives, guns, etc) are allowed.
  • You agree to work well with others during the group and be peaceful, cooperative, and respectful.
  • You agree to not use your cellphone during the group.
  • Verbal aggression, physical aggression, disturbing the group, and interfering with others’ experience is absolutely not tolerated.
  • If you disturb the peace in any way, disrupt the group, or act inappropriately, you will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.
  • This group is only for adult awakening women, non-binary individuals, and transgender women over 18 years. If you purposely sign up knowing you do not fit this description, you will be removed from group with no refund.

The Modern Mystic Ladies Nite Out!