Aroma Reading for April 2016

Aroma Reading for April 2016
By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA



The intuitive essential oil for the month of April is Inula (Inula Graveolens). Inula is in the daisy/sunflower family and has a sweet medicinal but floral and intoxicating, powerful aroma. My husband and I were both pretty sick the past few weeks and I was drawn to use Inula (a few drops on a cotton pad and inhale for a few minutes at a time throughout the day). Inula is antibacterial, mucolytic, expectorant, antitussive, and an antihistamine. It is a great respiratory oil and helpful for head colds, coughs, congestion, and asthma.  There are no known hazards or contraindications with this oil. Please do not confuse it with the hazardous oil Inula helenium (elecampane). If Inula is distilled in a copper still, it will turn a beautiful emerald, turquoise, green color. This is a more expensive oil, but is so potent only a drop or two is needed. Due to its aroma, I personally prefer to use it by itself instead of in blends.

My Inula forecast for April 2016: Inula’s aroma, vibration, chemistry, and deep turquoise green color resonate with the higher heart chakra; the healers’ chakra located between the heart and throat. The higher heart asks you to think of how your actions impact not yourself, not others, but all of humanity. The higher heart is also a chakra of transition. Inula asks you to explore your role in helping move humanity forward during these turbulent times. Are you part of the problem or the solution? We are at a pivotal point in our collective journey right now. Be wise with your behaviors and decisions.


Blend and Meditation for the Higher Heart Chakra
• One drop Inula
• One drop Ho wood (or Rosewood)
• One drop Thyme


Place drops of oil on a cotton ball or cotton pad.
Close your eyes and deeply breathe in the aroma. Put your awareness and your attention on the higher heart chakra. Visualize healing energy coming directly from source/divine/heavens down through your crown chakra….through your third eye…..through your throat….through to the Higher Heart… Allow compassion to build up within your higher heart….allow unconditional love for all to build up in your higher heart…….. ….You are completely full of higher heart chakra energy. Have the intent that you want to send healing energy to help heal the world and all of humanity. Feel your higher heart chakra expanding and getting larger and larger…..its filling your entire chest, your entire body……Feel the expansion of your higher heart chakra to encompass everything in the room, outside the room, all the way to the center of the earth all the way around and completely covering the earth. Feel your turquoise higher heart energy healing the world.


When you are ready, bring your higher heart energy back into your center. Relax…..breathe in and breathe out…return to normal space and time. Namaste

Aroma Readings are a divination technique using essential oils developed by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, a Holistic Health Psychologist, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, and Reiki Master Teacher.  She offers individual Aroma Readings and spreads as well as teaches Aroma Readings in her level 2 ‘Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy’ certification series. Interested in learning more about aromatherapy and essential oils? Christina offers face to face, live , and recorded self-study aromatherapy classes and aromatherapy level 1 and 2 certifications. Join Dr. Christina for the ‘Holistic Healing with Herbs’ series on 100 acres of the Kettle Moraine in West Bend, WI starting May 14, 2016: