Testimonials For Dr. Christina

Aromatherapy Class Testimonials

I took Christina’s Professional Aromatherapy Certification course and it was so much more than I had anticipated. I loved how truly holistic her course is as we went into the clinical, emotional, metaphysical, and mental uses of essential oils. I went into the course thinking I was going to learn the basics on essential oils but I came out with having learned how to be a well rounded holistic professional. Christina, having a Phd is Health Psychology, was able to give us a viewpoint on the many uses of aromatherapy in a way many people could not have. On top of that, she has been expanding her practice for many years.  I felt very lucky to have such an educated teacher passing along her knowledge to me. She is very dedicated to educating and molding confident and safe practicing professionals. In addition, we learned emotional and spiritual techniques that turned out to be so useful in my practice. Mind. Soul. Self. allowed my healing practice to be what I have always wanted it to be….TRUE Holistic wellness. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to open their minds and break old thought patterns. Once I did, I was able to gain the tools I needed to be a confident wellness practitioner. -Steph, Madison, WI

Prior to level 1 certification I was using essential oils for over 2 years, like a large majority of users I figured I knew the all about the world of essential oils. However I was wrong! This course taught me so much more than EO’s it introduced me to the world of botanical healing. In this series she teaches the safest and most effective ways to use aromatherapy to help not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. It also taught me how precious essential oils are and how important it is to respect them and use them responsibly. This course will show  you a whole new way of thinking about health care for you and your family. Anyone who loves essential oils or has been curious about aromatherapy should definitely take this course. What I love most is not only has this course left me with a solid foundation in holistic aromatherapy but it also gives me a very valuable resource. Dr Christina is in my opinion one of the most valuable resources the aromatherapy industry has. Her teaching style is causal but very informative she is very easy to talk to and is there for me when advice is needed. If for some reason she doesn’t have the answer she will provide you with the proper resources to find the answer which I have found to be a rare trait these days. I am proud to say I have studied under and know her. Thank you Dr Christina for all of your hardwork and dedication in prepare this course please never stop doing what you do! -Drew Moss, Main Street Massage, Sioux City South Dakota

I began taking aromatherapy classes with Christina because I have always been interested in essential oils.  I am a registered yoga teacher and have attended a few yoga classes where the instructor used oils during Savasana or diffused them in the room during class.   I thought it would be fun to learn more about essential oils, so that I could use them in my classes.  After the first aromatherapy class, taught by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, I was hooked!  I found all of the information and hands(nose)–on learning useful and profound.  As the classes progressed, I began teaching a yoga class using essential oils that I blended.  The response from my students was positive and they started to ask me if I sold my blends.  This sparked the idea to create my own business and now, I create different essential oil blends and self-care products.  I also offer aromatherapy consultations for those that are looking for an intuitive and personal approach to creating therapeutic essential oil blends.  I am very thankful to Christina!  Holistic Aromatherapy classes have opened doors for me both personally and professionally! ~ Namaste ~ Melissa D. Registered Yoga Instructor Oconomowoc, WI

Participating in the series ” Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy”  was a very meaningful experience for me as an individual, and as someone who is always seeking to learn and grow as an energy practitioner. Taking this series has enhanced my life in more ways than I thought possible. Healing myself and helping others to heal themselves through essential oils was just part of it. The use of essential oils has enhanced intuitive abilities within me, opened my heart to become more compassionate, and brought forth a deeper appreciation of Gods beautiful creation- nature, and all it has to offer us. I will never look at plants, trees, flowers and grasses the same way again! Christina passes on her love of working with the essential oils to her students, making every class interesting, fun and uplifting. She is a wealth of knowledge and it is apparent to all who study with her, that she truly enjoys imparting her wisdom and watching her students evolve and grow. -Moira D. L.P.N. Reiki practitioner, Holistic Aromatherapist. Milwaukee, WI

Having taken several short, as well as weekend-long, classes with Christina, her freshness of information and approach to connecting with students and teaching continues to amaze and inspire me!  a whole new world has been opened to me through essential oils…I cannot thank you enough…I can’t wait till we meet again 🙂 -Cindy M. Reiki Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner Rochester, MN

Christina Wilke-Burbach is a fabulously gifted teacher! Her aromatherapy class was informative and fun! A great learning experience! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning the health benefits of aromatherapy!  I took away experience that will last me a lifetime! – Connie T. CNA, RMT, Juneau, WI

I highly recommend the Aromatherapy Certification to anyone who is searching for a small class size, personal attention, lots of resources, learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, a comprehensive course curriculum, and having a very knowledgeable instructor who is dedicated to making sure you have fun and succeed. I always anticipated each class; I loved the thought-provoking class discussions, class activities, and of course learning about the healing properties of essential oils! Aromatherapy is without a doubt a staple in my business and personal life. Thank you Christina! -Robyn P. LMT, Milwaukee, WI.

Thank you Mary for bringing Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD, to Rochester, MN!  Having the classes at your Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center was a delight!  Because these classes delve into so much information about Essential Oils, I am now better able to discern which products truly affect me physically and why—ultimately I can avoid contact with them.  Experiencing and using Essential Oils is a process of looking forward, learning more, and then being able to incorporate the oils into my own Integrated Health Practices. -Norrie L. MacIlraith, RN, BSN, MS, CNS, TH, HTP. Rochester, MN

Anyone interested in learning how to use essential oils safely and responsibly should seriously consider learning from Christina Wilke-Burbach. I was impressed with her expertise and practical approach to using essential oils. She presents the material in a professional yet informal way that allows everyone to share, ask questions and receive hands on experience. I know there are many books and materials available for those who want to know more about using oils, however, for those who want to use essential oils on themselves, friends, or family or to incorporate the use of aroma therapy with other alternative modalities, I highly recommend you take Christina’s classes. Not only will you feel more comfortable blending and using essential oils, but you will come away from the classes realizing just how much more there is to learn.  I found myself anxious to learn more from Christina. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes learning fun. I admire her enthusiasm and appreciate the great amount of time and research she put into the written materials, including valuable and reliable resources for further reading and references. The Level I classes were quite an eye opener for me and I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to learn from Christina. She is an exceptional woman who whollistically lives and breathes what she teaches. -Pamela Barnes. Reiki Master Teacher, Iowa

Explore the ancient mystical glimmering of nature and science. Healing with Essential Oils is a great resource of a world forgotten.  But our spirit has not, thus enters educator and Light worker, Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, who is a scholar, teacher and a practioner of clinical and intuitive Aromatherapy, has created a thoughtful and honest course(s) for the sole purpose of changing lifestyles, beliefs and old habits into methods of facilitated healing. My discovery of holistic healing has begun with the art and science of caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit, through Aromatherapy certification 101-104.  Western medicine is embracing this value of Palliative Care, that is respecting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient.  These medicines of the earth are not only for the medical community, but are a timeless apothecary for our families and community. Christina is professional in every aspect of instruction.  Her heart and motivation to build a better tomorrow is with warm roots and refreshing energy.  Thank you Christina for passing on the sciences of Herbology and Aromatherapy. -Laura M Hartert, Mayo Hospital, Rochester, MN

Regarding Level 1 and Level 2 Aromatherapy with Christina Wilke-Burbach, Ph.D.… After taking both of the Healing with Aromatherapy Intensives Levels 1 and 2, I am impressed with the depth of knowledge that Christina has regarding these magnificent gifts of nature known as essential oils. It is unfortunate that they are not better understood for their medicinal properties, and are confused with perfumery and scented candles.  The oils are the essential life-force of each of the plants and as such, have the medicinal properties of each plant.  It is beyond aromatherapy into botanical therapy!  These classes are not just about dispensing oils to work on something symptomatic in an individual’s body, but learning about the organic chemistry or the chemical composition of the oils, their uses and effect on the body.  We covered safety precautions based on science and chemical reactions, and science-based ethical standards of practice.   And considering all these factors, how these oils can work with an individual holistically by taking into consideration ALL that is going on with each person.  It is a true form of individualized treatment! What you will learn in these classes far exceed the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) requirements. Her course work is amazing and thorough and is for every healing practitioner serious about working in a holistic way with clients and patients” -Mary Laven, Executive Director of Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center, Rochester, MN.

I have been blown away by the series 1 and 2 classes for Clinical Aromatherapy Certification.  Never before have I been so excited about learning.  Christina is an amazing teacher who inspires us all to be our best selves.  The class was very in depth and informative, yet fun and light.  Thank you so much Christina. -Ann Fothergill, Registered Dental Hygienist, Milwaukee, WI

I became interested in Essential Oils and read so much different types of advice on using them. The more I read the more confusing things became. I began searching for some type of class to learn safety and they always seamed to lead to someone selling a mass marketing product. I really wanted to learn from someone not pushing anything which led me to Christina. I signed up for level one… I have to say the knowledge I gained from her is invaluable.. Her classes were well planned and fun! I highly recommend learning from someone with a passion for safety and sharing her vast knowledge with her students. -Nancy Yaeger, Wisconsin



Testimonials from Christina’s Chakra Retreats:

“The retreat was by far the best thing I had done for myself in a very long time. I went into the weekend with an open mind and left with an open heart. I left feeling an unbreakable bond among the women on the retreat. Christina is an extremely gifted person with an abundance of knowledge when it comes to a healthy mind, body and soul.  She incorporates a variety of chakra exercises and techniques during the weekend to introduce each guest to something new. Her holistic approaches to well-being can be added to anyone’s ‘toolbox for life’. My feeling of connection and unity among the group was very powerful. In addition my feeling of connection and unity within myself was even more powerful. The retreat center inside and out was very comfortable and homey. All details of the experience were thought through for a truly unforgettable experience. The hardest part is making the commitment to put yourself first and I’m confident you will not regret it.”…..Nicole in Wisconsin 2015


“End of summer retreat was life changing for me. At the end of the weekend I felt like I had been friends with the other women for years. Dr. Christina and her Mother Sandy took such good care of us. The massage, acupuncture and crystal healing was fabulous as well as the wonderful women performing those services. I believe each one of us left on Sunday with answers we were seeking. The house was beautiful. The food delicious. I cannot wait to go back next year. I have been telling my friends we need to go next year. I highly recommend Dr Christina’s retreats!”…….Dawn in Wisconsin 2015


“This retreat did wonders for my mind and my soul. It provided me with a wonderful connection to other women! Amazingly it felt as if I had known them forever, even though we had just met. As a fairly reserved  and private person, I found myself able to open up to these like minded souls as easily as I would a long time friend. The services and activities gave me a renewed sense of purpose and wonder. Many of the things I learned, I know that I will carry on into my daily life and continued journey. I would highly recommend this to anyone, whether one goes with a group of friends or individually. I strongly believe participants will create new connections, be refreshed, and leave with a new found peace to carry them along their journey, wherever the road may take them! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity!”….Athena in Wisconsin 2015


“From the moment I entered through the door, I sensed something was about to change.  A group of women, all from different walks of life came together to be divinely lead through a whirlwind transformational experience. None of us knew what was in store,  but trusted the process. I left knowing that even though the last three days were behind me, the experience will be with me for a lifetime. I was glad I traveled to Wisconsin for this opportunity to get in touch with myself again. I have missed her.”…..Cynthia in Illinois 2015


” I want to thank each of you for a wonderful weekend. I’m glad that the seven of us were on the “train” together as we set off on our journey through the chakras.  I enjoyed travelling the main route and dipping into all the excursions along the way. Your individual perspectives into the different aspects we explored were insightful and made me stop and think. Special thanks to Christina who brought us all together. Your dedication to sharing your spiritual knowledge is inspiring and much appreciated. So, until we meet again … zip up those capes, engage your inner bubble, and secure your mirrored bubble. This train is ready for anything as we continue on our journey. Namaste.”….Linda from Wisconsin 2015


“Christina…Where can I start? How do you put in writing the feelings I have experienced over 3 short days? Your retreat has blessed me with brighter eyes, a sparkling heart, a glistening soul, and beautiful women I will be friends with for life!  Your retreat is life changing and I will never forget what you have brought to my life! Miss you already!”…. Tammie from Wisconsin 2015


” Dr. Christina you rock! Thank you for shining your light so that we all may see the path we have set.”….Sheila from Illinois 2015


“Everything feels different in what used to be my “real” life.  I’m aware now of my own energies and those around me, and as a result, work and home are very pleasant places to be.  I highly recommend this experience to anyone who has found themselves reading this recommendation.  If you are hesitating, it is worth the leap of faith!  Christina is a master facilitator, and the experts she invited are amazing.”…..Bonnie S. Minnesota 2014


“Although I was really anxious about coming, I am so grateful I did.  I met so many wonderful women (including Christina and her family) who I felt so much support from.  It’s only been a few days since the retreat ended but I already feel like such a lighter person.  I have always struggled with negative feelings and emotions which has led to pretty severe self confidence issues.  During this retreat, I was given a lot of practical tools in which to keep the “trash thoughts” out of my head and have seen the results in the past few days.  Another thing that made the retreat so wonderful was how open and warm Christina was to everyone in our group.  She never judged anyone for anything that was said and gave a lot of helpful support to others. I also have to say Christina’s mother and sister also said several really encouraging things to both my sister and I and I really appreciate it.  I would definitely recommend this retreat to every woman I know.  EVERY woman could use a week-end like this!!”…….Hilary K. Madison, WI 2014


“Christina, you are one of the most incredible people I have ever met. Frankly, every day of my life will be different and better because of the changes you helped bring about in my life in this retreat.  How can 2 words -‘thank you’ – begin to cover it! The woman I was before the retreat and the woman that left this beautiful retreat are very different — in the best and deepest possible ways.  I made incredible connections and had life altering experiences that I know with absolute certainly will be with me always.   I am so grateful to Christina, who is a bundle of high energy, personality++, deep knowledge, and FUN.  This was simply an outstanding retreat.”…..Kathy Appleton, Wisconsin 2013


“This was my second time attending one of Christina’s retreats, and just like the first one I had a great time!  Christina and Sandy are so warm and inviting, truly wonderful women! Thank you for all you do!!!!! Christina does a great job of walking you through everything, answering questions, and really listening to what everyone was saying. You get a “workbook”  filled with tons of information and everything that we had talked about with Christina, it’s a great tool that you get to take home with you. The meals were fantastic!!! A big THANK YOU to Elise, April, Jen, and Brenda!!! Thank you for your time and knowledge!!!! The sessions with these women were amazing! Meeting the other women who were attending the retreat was great, such big hearts in all of them! The Shalom House is so unique and the quietness of it really feels good, it’s so nice to get away from the noise of everyday life.  This is such a great  learning opportunity, you can really let yourself open up and not feel judged by anyone. I always leave feeling energized, intrigued, and smiling! Thank you!”…….Amanda R. Wisconsin Dells 2014


“In a time where we are bogged down with electronics and the need to constantly be in the know, it is sometimes critical to our well-being to get away from it all. Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach offers a once in a lifetime experience to do exactly that – get away from it all and reconnect to yourself as well as other like-minded, amazing women. I have attended the retreat, twice, by myself, and I found it to be exactly what I needed at that moment in time. Both experiences were unique as each had a different set of amazing women who I treasure to this day. Christina and her co-facilitator, Sandy, welcome you with open arms. In a safe space of no judgment, you can share your life and know that you won’t be condemned. I highly recommend the retreat to any woman who is looking for an opportunity to get away, reconnect with herself and de-stress.”…Tina C., Iowa. 2014


“I truly enjoyed my time on the retreat,  I got to meet some truly amazing women and learned a lot from them and from Christina.  I enjoyed all the activities that were set up for us.  I had a blast staying up late and just laughing, it felt like a sleepover back from when I was a kid.  Thank you again for sharing all your knowledge that prepared me for my new journey in life with a new outlook on things.  And, both you and your mom are awesome cooks! The food was delicious!”….Kari, Wisconsin 2013


“I had the pleasure of attending the Women’s Summer Solstice Chakra Retreat this past weekend. What a refreshing experience! The Shalom House was beautiful, the food was delicious and the women were wonderful. I was captivated and inspired as twelve women came together and shared their personal life experiences without knowing each other prior. Christina is a very talented woman and a strong leader. I came looking for answers and left with much more. I encourage anyone going through a difficult or transitioning time in their lives to take part in one of Christina’s upcoming wellness retreats. I will be coming back!”….Lauren 2013


“I feel more connected than I have for a very long time.  I feel hopeful and less overwhelmed.  I thank you all for that.  Thank you so much Christina for creating an environment where women can come together and form such strong bonds.  And thank you Sandy for raising such a wonderful woman”……Fiona P. Illinois June 2014


“Christina was extremely thorough.  She was well-educated on the topics as well as having the ability to explain her topics.  Being a beginner and walking in cold, I wouldn’t have asked for a more soothing and friendly host……with tons of tons of energy.  I need people like this in my life.”


“I don’t even know if I can put in to words just how fantastic Christina is! She has such a way of making you feel welcome and comfortable. I loved the way she had all the information put together for you and made it so easy to understand. She explained everything really well and answered any questions anyone had. Christina never judges anyone, and is willing to share things with everyone too. All of the activities she led were easy to follow and she didn’t rush through any of them, if anyone needed a break or if some  one wanted to go off and kind of do their own thing, she was totally fine with that. The group activities and topics all meshed really well together. You can relate to one person if not everyone in one way or another and having the chance to speak to others who understand you and won’t judge you, just brings you closer together. I think it was great to be able to let some feelings out, we laughed, cried, and nodded in agreement about issues we all have or have had. Never did I feel pressured in to doing something. Christina’s personality her manor really makes you want to listen to her and try everything she is offering to you.


“I don’t know what else I would like to see, I loved everything about it. I thought that since it was all about learning the Chakra Systems, everything was covered really well. We went home with really great tools and information about our Chakras and how they work. The different meditations and different types of healing is all so interesting. It has made me want to just absorb every single bit of information I can about spirituality, intuitiveness, healing, past lives, and so much more! I want to learn everything I can, I just need to find a place to start! I just want to say what a wonderful experience this was for me, I am so happy to have made great friends who are like minded and want to learn as much as I do. I definitely want to do another retreat with all the wonderful, amazing, beautiful, and loving women again!  Everything was great, I wouldn’t change anything at all. Thank you Christina for everything, I have a long path in front of me and I am excited to see what I find on it! With out your help I may never have made the choice to take this path in the first place.”


“Christina… what a sweet woman! She genuinely cared about each of us, and made me feel special with her interest in helping me answer my questions, etc. Yoga with Shawn – It was very relaxing, in fact I think I fell asleep for a bit during the last part-meditation. The intuitive readings were amazing. The readings were right on.  I was skeptical, at first.  Out of curiosity, I wouldn’t mind receiving readings from them in the future.  I truly couldn’t believe their accuracy.  They were blatantly honest but had great suggestions for further improvements.”



Client Healing Sessions/Consultation 

“An amazing experience, Christina is great!”……S.H.


“You rock… I appreciate you! You radiate positivity…and… Now, so do I!!”……..K.V.


“Because of your help and inspiration, I have become stronger than I was before and still working on getting even stronger. My Spiritual path, while I have a very long way to go, I’m at least on it! That is all because of you! You are the absolute best and I can not thank you enough for everything!!! Much love!!!!” ….A. R.


“Chakras, essential oils, healing…just the thought of them puts me in a different frame of mind…  I first met Dr. Christina in 2011 at the Women and Spirituality Conference at MN State University Mankato.  My heart knew she was the real deal!  Since then, I have participated in several chakra and essential oils workshops and retreats, Reiki training, as well as individual, personalized healing sessions with Dr. Christina.  Each experience has been filled with her wealth of knowledge, intuition, wisdom, and unconditional love.  And, it doesn’t stop there.  She continues to expand her workshops and retreats and constantly shares timely knowledge and updates with past participants…because she wants to make this world a better place filled with understanding and continued wonderment. Dr. Christina has a whole-body approach to wellness; listens with incredible intent; builds wonderful rapport; provides a safe, healthy, and nurturing environment; and is just plain fun to be with! If you want to expand your understanding of wellness and mind/body/spirit/energy connection, treat yourself to a session, class, training, or retreat with Dr. Christina.  I know you will be filled with a renewed sense of joy and love, more in touch with who you are and ready to live life to its fullest!  Thank you, Dr. Christina!! “Cindy M. Minnesota