Classes with Dr. Christina

Christina offers face to face classes in Sheboygan, WI as well as online classes. Chick below for more info:


Natural Perfumes & Colognes! December 5, 2020

Reiki Classes, Reiki Shares, and Reiki Refreshers in Wisconsin AND Online!

Face to Face Holistic Healing with Herbs class in Wisconsin (next series 2021)

Online/On-demand Holistic Healing with Herbs classes

Herbal Medicine, Natural Perfumery, and Aromatherapy Classes  (Face to Face & Online)

Online Gardening 101 and 102 Classes

Online Chakra Classes

Online Tarot 101 Class

Intro to Mediumship/Sensing Spirits (Online Class)

Online Intro to Meditation Class

Mind/Body Medicine Classes (Face to Face AND Online!)

Art of Business (Holistic Business Development) (Face to Face AND Online!)

Upcoming Classes and Special Events