January 2020: Working through emotions with art

January 2020: Working through emotions with art
By Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA
Mind, Soul, and Self LLC

My PhotoBlog: I have come to understand, true ways to heal spiritually, psychologically and emotionally are non-verbal: through art, music, movement, meditative states, and bodywork/energy work. The language of the soul/psyche is symbols, images, colors, vibrations, sensations, and patterns; we communicate this non-verbally. I have been on an incredible personal growth journey of my own the past few years into the world of art. I have become very involved with John Michael Kohler Arts Center (JMKAC) in Sheboygan, WI. I am the chair of the JMKAC Indoor Gardens, a member of the Friends of the Arts Council, and a museum docent (teacher/tour guide). I try to take a new art class every month. I started joining my artist husband in his art studio to paint and experiment with making art. Coincidentally, my old office space was located in an art gallery and my current office space is in an entire building of art studios. My preferred social media has become Instagram. I try to post a new photograph every day. I have enjoyed experimenting with art and photography as ways to express myself. So I have decided to have a photoblog to complement this personal and professional journey that I am on.

January 2020 Photo Blog: Here are a few paintings I created this month to help me work through some stress, grief, and sadness I have been feeling. I really enjoy abstract art as a tool to express myself. When I lead art tours at JMKAC, I often use Visual Thinking Strategy to help people interpret art. You may find it helpful to ask yourself these questions when viewing art (especially when its abstract). 
1. What’s going on in this picture?
2. What do you see what makes you say that?
3. What more can we find?
Additional Questions
1. What stands out to you?
2. What interests you?
3. What does this remind you of?
4. How does it make you feel to be in this space?
5. Senses…smell, touch, taste, see, feel, hear, imagine, movement
6. Who, where, when, what, how?
7. Choose a title. Why?
8. Compare/contrast
9. One word that pops into your mind
10. Beginning, middle, or end?

Light, Love, and Blessings. Christina~

**All photos are the property of Christina Wilke-Burbach. All rights reserved ***