Online Class: Introduction to Meditation

Online Class: Introduction to Meditation 
with Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD

Learn how to meditate! Research shows that meditation benefits the mind, body, and soul. Meditation decreases anxiety, improves mood, controls negative emotions, improves brain function, improves attention, lowers blood pressure, relieves chronic pain, reduces stress, slows the aging process, improves health, helps one develop an inner relationship within themselves, increases self-actualization & self-awareness, connects one to the divine, and cultivates spirituality. Many people are intimidated by meditation and are not quite sure what it is and how to do it. Others state they have tried to meditate without success or think meditation is not for them. There are numerous forms of meditation and at least one form sure to fit every person’s needs. This class will debunk meditation myths, teach meditation and mindfulness basics, and introduce participants to the many forms of meditation. We will cover 25 methods of meditation. We will be practicing, so please wear comfortable clothes. This meditation class is presented by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach. She has a PhD in Health Psychology, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is a Mind/Body researcher. Christina has published academic research in the area of meditation and Mind/Body Medicine and has also supervised psychology graduate students at Cardinal Stritch University conducting research in the field. The online class is 4 hours long with additional suggested activities and exercises. Downloadable class includes 4 hour class recording (video), a detailed manual, additional written materials, and meditation exercises. The energy exchange (fee) is $60.


About Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach: Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is a scholar, teacher, consultant, and holistic healing facilitator with 22 years of higher education and experience in psychology, spirituality, holistic healing, and natural health. Her business is Mind, Soul, and Self LLC. She has her PhD in Health Psychology, Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, 2 bachelor degrees in psychology and anthropology, a minor in Sociology, and is trained in Transpersonal Psychology. She is a Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, Ordained Minister, Awakening Your Light Body Graduate, Intuitive, Docent, and Bodyworker. She specializes in women’s wellness, holistic healing, personal growth, and spiritual development. Christina is an expert in working with the Chakras. The Chakras are the foundation of her business. She has presented at academic conferences and has taught hundreds of classes, workshops, and group sessions throughout the Midwest and beyond. She is a published author and award-winning researcher and healthcare provider. She was an instructor in the Institute for Intuitive Arts and Sciences in Madison, WI. She combines science with intuition. She strongly believes in empowering others to heal themselves. For more information, please visit


Online Class Registration: Please contact Dr. Christina at 608.393.7353 or with any questions. Register by paying the fee below. Please note, all sales are final.

  • Take the class in the comfort of your own home! You do not need to be technology savvy. If you can turn on a computer and check your email, you can take an online class. Its super simple…no advanced skills are needed.
  • You can complete the class at your own pace.
  • The online class is a webinar video with an audio and visual component (screen presentation)
  • Within 48 hours after receiving payment, Dr. Christina will email you the class recording, class workbook, and additional written materials
  • Students can download and watch/listen to the webinars via Windows Media Player, VLC, or iTunes as many times as they want!
  • Each class also includes a detailed workbook and extensive written materials in PDF format
  • Dr. Christina is highly responsive and quickly replies to your emails if you have any questions.
  • Optional Individual consultation with Dr. Christina: You can add a 30-minute or 60-minute phone or webcam consultation with Dr. Christina to your online class purchase for a discounted rate of $40 for 30 minutes (normally $50) and $80 for 60 minutes (normally $100). Email Dr. Christina to schedule
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