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All products are handcrafted with love and intent by Christina Wilke-Burbach and Bill Burbach (screen printer and artist). Mind, Soul, and Selfcare products include Natural Botanical Perfumes, botanical jewelry (necklaces and bracelets), flower essences, tinctures and elixirs, chakra products, chakra clothing, herbal products, and aromatherapy products. Click below to visit our online stores:


Online Store with Divination Tools (Runes, Scrying Mirrors, Pendulums, Tarot Cards, Ouija, etc)

Online Store with Chakra Clothing, Chakra Products, Botanical Jewelry, and Aromatherapy Sprays


Online Store for Duality: Natural Botanical Perfume line


Online classes


Guided Meditations and Recorded Sessions


Our Online Shop Video on YouTube

Ps: There are limited quantities of some items in the video. Some items in the video are also limited edition and are not on our website, so you will need to purchase directly through Christina. You can email me at You can also message me on Facebook.  I can invoice you, or you can pay at: