Upcoming Classes and Events

Upcoming Spiritual Psychology, Holistic Healing, Women’s Wellness, Plant Medicine, and Chakra Balancing classes, events, and retreats with Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD and Mind, Soul, and Self LLC


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October 2017

Halloween Tarot Readings with Dr. Christina October 10 to November 4th (online and phone)


Reiki 1 Class in Sheboygan on October 21st in Sheboygan, WI



November 2017

Women’s Wellness Day Retreat on November 11th in West Bend, WI


Past Life Regression/Future Life Progression Event on November 18th in Sheboygan, WI


Media Meditation Class on November 29th (live online)



December 2017

Natural Perfumes and Colognes class on December 2nd in Sheboygan, WI


Women’s Wellness Winter Solstice Retreat in West Bend December 15 to 17