My Podcast: Garden Goth!!


Garden Goth • A podcast on Spotify for Podcasters

Garden Goth is hosted by Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD. In this show we dive deep into the psyche & explore the duality of life/death. Topics include gardening, nature, spirituality, magick, the occult, death/dying/rebirth, the supernatural, & paranormal. Guests, classes, meditations. Christina has a PhD in Health Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology Training, is an Herbalist, Certified Aromatherapist, Master Gardener, Botanical Artist, Witch, Death Doula, & Cemeterian. Memento Vivere, quia Memento Mori. Remember to live, because remember you die.


Christina was a guest on You Betcha She Did. Did SHE really do that? You Betcha She Did! Welcome to the podcast that highlights women changemakers, especially from the Midwest! Each week a different woman leader, entrepreneur, or changemaker shares her wit and wisdom in an effort to inspire YOU to go after more. Featuring quick snapshots of women making a difference in cities big and small, these weekly podcasts give a taste of all that is possible and the steps to get there, eh!

Hosted by Rayna Rokicki, a woman-focused Podcast and YouTube Producer, her interview-style show features bit-sized episodes highlighting the stories of women changemakers, leaders, and entrepreneurs. With a desire to lift more women up in this world and promote more gender, Rayna hopes to inspire YOU to reach for more.

Christina’s episode was released on OCT. 31, 2023.  Check it out by clicking here: 61 | Exploring the Mystical Side of Women’s Health with Christina Wilke-Burbach


Christina was a guest on In the Act Podcast with Erica Hutzinger. Hosted by Erica Huntzinger, In the Act is a program on process and the creative life. Creativity does not just stop and start with artists; we all make aesthetic or guiding decisions. Our aim is to talk through the process and investigate how we choose to express ourselves and live creatively. We are connecting with people about their lives.

In the Act is part of the new Community Radio Station at Mead Public Library in Sheboygan, WI. After I was a guest on Erica’s podcast, I was offered my own podcast to host! Stay tuned for more info about my podcast, Garden Goth.

My podcast episode with Erica was released on 5/26/2021.  Check it out! Click here to go to the podcast



Christina was a guest on The Nutrition Translator Podcast with Colleen Kuhn. The podcast was released on 9/7/2020. They discussed Spiritual Psychology, Transpersonal Psychology, Spiritual Awakening, and more. Check it out! It is episode #63. Click here to go to the podcast



Christina was in the Sheboygan Press in the Streetwise section on June 20, 2018. Picture of the article below. To read the article on the Sheboygan Press’s website click here


Christina was a guest on Beyond the Edge Radio Show with Mary Laven on January 16, 2014. Listen to the interview below!



Christina was a guest on the Top 5 at 5 on NBC in Madison, WI in 2011


Christina was a guest on the NBC Morning Show in Madison, WI in 2011


Christina was a guest on The Essential Oils Summit with Holli Smith in March 2015. Click on video to watch it on Vimeo. The password is “healthiswealth”

Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach from Holli Smith on Vimeo.