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Online On-Demand Aromatherapy Classes
With Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA

art of aromatherapy blending theories

Heal yourself and others! Aromatherapy and essential oils are very powerful tools in natural health and healing. Take a whole-body approach and learn how to personally and professionally use aromatherapy for holistic health and mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic, intuitive, and metaphysical well-being.

About our online classes:

  • Take classes in the convenience and comfort of your own home!
  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule!!
  • Perfect for busy individuals!!
  • Get started as soon as you want!
  • You do the classes when you feel focused and motivated!

I loved being able to take the classes. I am in Indiana and could not afford to travel for classes. I was able to study the classes at my pace. The information was clearly presented. It was a great solution I am glad I took.” ~ Sherry

“I really enjoy face to face learning, but because of family and work commitments, classes are the best for me.” ~ Jennifer

As a full time nurse who is also in grad school, the classes have been great. It is also great to be able to go back and listen and review the class recordings, which is something you can’t do with in person classes. If you have difficulty committing to specific times because of crazy schedules, classes are the way to go.” ~ Christine

  • Students who have taken online classes with Dr. Christina report that they LOVE the classes.
  • All of our online classes are independent study/home study and include recorded webinars or mp3s of Dr. Christina teaching course content.
  • Most of the recorded classes were taught to a live group of students. You can hear the students interact with Dr. Christina and ask questions and discuss class content. It’s like you are there with them!
  • Students can download and watch/listen to the webinars or mp3s via Windows Media Player, VLC, or ITunes as many times as they want!
  • Each online class also includes a detailed workbook and extensive written materials in PDF format
  • Dr. Christina gets to personally know all of her students, unlike other classes where you never meet the teacher or interact with the teacher
  • Dr. Christina personally mentors all of her students and does not pass you off to an assistant
  • You get the best of both worlds…classes at your convenience on your schedule AND live discussion with the instructor!
  • You take classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • You always get a front row seat, you can wear whatever you want, and you do not have to drive anywhere or find a parking spot!
  • Online classes are budget friendly as you do not have to travel and pay for airfare/gas or lodging
  • You do not need to be technology savvy. If you can turn on a computer and check your email, you can take an online class. Its super simple…no advanced skills are needed.
  • Dr. Christina is highly responsive and quickly replies to your emails
  • In addition, Dr. Christina has a private ‘Holistic Healing’ Facebook group for all her students on Facebook. Upon request, Dr. Christina can add you to the group so you can interact with other students and stay current in holistic healing topics, network, and ask questions!
  • Within 24 to 48 hours after receiving payment, Dr. Christina will email you the class recordings, class workbook, and additional written materials.


Included with each module: Each module includes a downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed manual in PDF form, and additional written materials and exercises.


Optional Individual Consultations with Christina: You can add phone or web consultations with Dr. Christina to your class experience for $40 per 30 minutes. You can schedule one consultation at the beginning of the program or you can schedule a consultation after each class. Email Dr. Christina to schedule your consultation(s). You can pay for them here:


Essential Oils note: These are brand-neutral classes. Dr. Christina does not advocate for any certain brand of essential oils nor does she sell any certain brand; she purchases oils from many different companies and currently has oils from over 12 different companies. There are a lot of really great companies out there. In professional aromatherapy, the focus should be on safely and effectively using the oils, not on fighting over what company is the best. She encourages the student to find the company or companies that best align with their philosophies.


Supplies: Each module includes a recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a comprehensive workbook, and extensive written materials. Essential oils are not included in the classes. Students are responsible for purchasing their own oils along the way. Some great oils to start out with include lavender, German and Roman chamomile, tea tree, peppermint, eucalyptus, lemon, grapefruit, ylang ylang, and bergamot. Some great carrier oils include jojoba, grapeseed, sesame, almond, and coconut oil. There is a suggested book for the classes: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition By Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. There is also a Suggested book: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy, 2nd edition by Salvatore Battaglia.


Please note: Once purchased, you have permanent access to the online classes and materials. They can all be downloaded and saved to your computer or device or flash drive forever. There is no time limit to complete. You can take as long as you want. All self-paced and up to your schedule. Please note, these are not certification programs and the Practicums (homework and exam) are no longer offered as a part of this program. My Aroma Level 1 and Aroma Level 2 were retired as I am now focusing on teaching spiritual/energetic aromatherapy, natural perfumery, and herbal medicine (using the whole plant, not just the essential oils). I have been an aromatherapist for 20 years, am still an aromatherapist, and still use aromatherapy for healing, but my practice and teaching is evolving. As of 2019, this is not a certification program anymore, though the student can still voluntarily choose to take the Aromatherapy Registration Council exam and become a registered aromatherapist and/or pursue membership in NAHA or AIA (the professional aromatherapy organizations). As an alternative medicine technique, aromatherapy is not regulated by the USA government or any individual state. Aromatherapy is currently an unregulated and unlicensed field both for the practice of aromatherapy as well as the manufacture of aromatherapy products. With regards to licensing: aromatherapy is an unlicensed profession in the United States. Many aromatherapy practitioners hold a license in another occupation, e.g. nursing, massage therapy, esthetics, naturopathy, acupuncture, etc. Because licensing tends to be profession driven rather than government-driven, it is highly unlikely that we will see a license for aromatherapy anytime soon, if ever. So you do not need a certification or license to be an aromatherapist in the USA. I don’t believe alternative medicine should be regulated and licensed. Once it is regulated, it is not alternative medicine anymore…it is mainstream. If you purchased the level 1 and level 2 aromatherapy classes prior to 2019, I will still provide support to aroma students if they have questions until they are done with the classes. But as of 2019, certificates are no longer offered or available. 


About Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach: Christina has been professionally using aromatherapy for over 20 years. Christina is a member of the American Botanical Council. She is a holistic health consultant, certified aromatherapist, herbalist, Reiki Master Teacher, ordained minister, intuitive, and an Awakening Your Light Body Graduate. Her business is Mind, Soul, and Self LLC based out of WI. She has her PhD in Health Psychology. Her doctoral research focused on mind/body techniques and cardiovascular disease. She has a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology, 2 bachelor degrees in Psychology and Cultural Anthropology, and a minor in Sociology. Christina has hundreds of hours of aromatherapy education from Jade Shutes, David Crow, Robert Tisserand, and Cathy Skipper. Christina worked in the mental health, health care, and addiction fields before starting her own business in 2007. She has studied with Stan Grof, MD, PhD, the co-founder of the field of Transpersonal Psychology. She has presented at academic conferences and has taught hundreds of classes, workshops, and group sessions throughout the Midwest and beyond. She is a published author and award winning researcher and healthcare provider. She was an instructor in The Art of Healing School of Energy Medicine in Milwaukee, WI and at the Institute of Intuitive Arts and Sciences in Madison, WI. She also supervised graduate student research in the psychology department at Cardinal Stritch University. She combines science with intuition. For more info, please visit:


Available Online Aromatherapy Classes:

Aroma Basics
Basic, Beginner Aromatherapy and Essential Oil Class. Two hour basic online aromatherapy class. In this introductory aromatherapy class, students are introduced to essential oil safety and blending basics. We will cover how to safely use essential oils according to the standards set by the professional aromatherapy organizations. The top uses for essential oils, basic aromatherapy techniques, carrier oils, and multi-purpose essential oils will be discussed. Great beginner class for those who are interested in using essential oils for their family and self-care but do not want to pursue certification at this time. Includes a 2 hour recording, a workbook, and additional resources. Please note, Dr. Christina is brand neutral. She uses oils from many different companies and believes it is up to the student to find a company that resonates with them. Fee: $25


Essential Oil Profiles
This class offers students an opportunity to delve deeper into aromatherapy. We will profile 40 essential oils in detail, including each oil’s Latin name, genus, species, cultivation, production, botany, taxonomy, and holistic use (emotional, physical, spiritual). We will also cover essential oil testing, GCMS, adulteration, and quality of oils. Instructor will also discuss how to produce your own essential oils and infused oils. Module includes an 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and additional written materials and exercises. Pre-requisite: Aroma 101. Required book: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition By Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. Suggested book: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia. Fee:  $50


Essential Oil Biochemistry
Class covers the science behind how aromatherapy works! Learn about the psychopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical action of essential oils and how they affect brain and body chemistry. Class covers how oils work, chemistry, psychopharmacology, pharmacology, properties of essential oil chemical constituents, the mode of action, and rates of absorption of essential oils. We also cover essential oil therapy contraindications and interactions. Module includes an 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and additional written materials and exercises. Pre-requisite: Aroma 101 and 102. Required book: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition By Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. Suggested book: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia. Fee: $50


Essential Oil Anatomy and Physiology
We cover anatomy and physiology as it pertains to essential oil therapy and application. Systems covered include limbic, olfactory, lymphatic, immune, skin, respiratory, integumentary, reproductive, circulatory, nervous, endocrine, urinary, musculoskeletal, and digestive. We will also cover dis-ease and ailments of these systems as well as the best oils and techniques for each system. Students will be introduced to Psychoneuroimmunology (PNI). Module includes an 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, additional written materials and exercises, and free access to an anatomy and physiology course. Required book: Essential Oil Safety: A Guide For Health Care Professionals, 2nd Edition By Robert Tisserand and Rodney Young. Suggested book: The Complete Guide to Aromatherapy by Salvatore Battaglia. Fee: $50


Art of Blending
Further explore the art and craft of blending essential oils and designing synergies! Enhance your ability to create effective, balanced, holistic, dynamic, and pleasant smelling therapeutic blends! In the best aromatherapy blends it is hard to pick out the individual oils as they merge together so well. This online aromatherapy class will explore 5+ blending theories in detail and each student will create a therapeutic/clinical blend using each theory. We will focus on creating blends for sleep, stress, mood, pain, chronic health conditions, and unique client situations. We will work on ‘listening’ through our noses to discern fragrance characteristics and principle aromatic qualities. This is also an opportunity for students to present client cases for assistance with designing effective aromatherapy and natural health treatment plans. Students will also be introduced to perfumery and cologne basics and the fragrance wheel and will have an opportunity to practice creating a natural perfume. Module includes a 5 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed manual, a detailed perfumes workbook, and additional written materials and hands-on exercises. Fee: $50


Emotional Healing with Aromatherapy
Learn about essential oils, the mind/body connection, and Psychoneuroimmunology. Profile the top essential oils for emotional healing. Learn evidence-based essential oil therapy for emotional healing. Gain an in-depth understanding of clinical and medical aromatherapy uses, techniques, and blends for depression, stress, anxiety, mood balance, grief and loss, anger, inner child issues, addiction and more! Clinical aromatherapy techniques include Aroma guided meditation, breathe work, inhalation therapy, clearing emotional patterns, The Relaxation Response, Aroma Acupressure, Aroma Reflexology, and more! Module includes 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and over 100 pages of additional written materials and exercises. Purchase at bottom of this page. Recommended Books: Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils by Caroline Mein; Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. Fee: $50


Physical Healing with Aromatherapy
Learn how to use essential oils, blends, and clinical/medical aromatherapy techniques for wellness, cancer, pain, inflammation, the immune system, tension, colds, flu, first aid, headaches, nausea, women’s health, men’s health, and chronic health conditions. Learn about the top essential oils with physical healing properties. Techniques include direct application, compresses, soaks, layering, Aroma Acupressure, Aroma Reflexology, Aromatic Medicine, and more. We also cover evidence based research for physical healing with essential oils. Module includes 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and over 100 pages of additional written materials and exercises. Purchase at bottom of this page. Recommended Books: Clinical Aromatherapy by Jane Buckle; Medical Aromatherapy by Kurt Schnaubelt. Fee: $50


Spiritual Healing with Aromatherapy
Class covers aromatherapy, essential oils, and techniques for spiritual health and connecting with divine, higher self, guides, guardians, and angels. Learn about the vibrational properties of essential oils. Other topics include Doctrine of Signatures and Plant Energetics, anointing, psychic protection, energy clearing, essential oils and the astrological signs/natal charts, equinoxes and solstices, metaphysical, majik, ritual, intention, & psychic uses of oils. We will also cover Transpersonal Psychology topics and essential oils. Module includes 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and over 100 pages of additional written materials and exercises. Purchase at bottom of this page. Recommended Books: Astrological Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis; The Language of Plants by Julia Graves; Magical Aromatherapy by Scott Cunningham. Fee: $50


Energetic Healing with Aromatherapy
Learn about the energetic properties of essential oils. Class covers aromatherapy, essential oils, and numerous techniques for Chakra balancing/healing. Other topics include essential oils and the 5 Traditional Chinese Medicine elements, meridians, yin and yang, Ayurveda and the doshas. Module includes 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and over 100 pages of additional written materials and exercises. Recommended Books: Aromatherapy for Healing the Spirit by Gabriel Mojay; Subtle Aromatherapy by Patricia Davis; Energy Medicine by Donna Eden and David Feinstein; Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan; Ayurveda and Aromatherapy by Dr. Light Miller and Dr. Bryan Miller. Fee: $50


Intuitive Healing with Aromatherapy
Class covers intuitive abilities and intuitive development with essential oils. We focus on intuitively choosing and using oils, muscle testing, dowsing, scrying, and doing intuitive readings, AROMA READINGS, with essential oils. Module includes 8 hour downloadable recorded class taught by Dr. Christina, a detailed 50+ page manual, and additional written materials and exercises. Fee: $50


Registration: Contact Dr. Christina with questions at or 608.393.7353. Payment in full is required before any class materials will be sent to you. All sales are final. After payment is received, within 24 to 48 hours Dr. Christina will email class recordings, class workbook, and additional materials to the student.

Aroma Online Classes



I took Christina’s Professional Aromatherapy Certification course and it was so much more than I had anticipated. I loved how truly holistic her course is as we went into the clinical, emotional, metaphysical, and mental uses of essential oils. I went into the course thinking I was going to learn the basics on essential oils but I came out with having learned how to be a well rounded holistic professional. Christina, having a Phd is Health Psychology, was able to give us a viewpoint on the many uses of aromatherapy in a way many people could not have. On top of that, she has been expanding her practice for many years. I felt very lucky to have such an educated teacher passing along her knowledge to me. She is very dedicated to educating and molding confident and safe practicing professionals. In addition, we learned emotional and spiritual techniques that turned out to be so useful in my practice. Mind. Soul. Self. allowed my healing practice to be what I have always wanted it to be….TRUE Holistic wellness. I highly recommend this course to anyone willing to open their minds and break old thought patterns. Once I did, I was able to gain the tools I needed to be a confident wellness practitioner. -Steph, Madison, WI

Prior to level 1 certification I was using essential oils for over 2 years, like a large majority of users I figured I knew the all about the world of essential oils. However I was wrong! This course taught me so much more than EO’s it introduced me to the world of botanical healing. In this series she teaches the safest and most effective ways to use aromatherapy to help not only the body but the mind and spirit as well. It also taught me how precious essential oils are and how important it is to respect them and use them responsibly. This course will show you a whole new way of thinking about health care for you and your family. Anyone who loves essential oils or has been curious about aromatherapy should definitely take this course. What I love most is not only has this course left me with a solid foundation in holistic aromatherapy but it also gives me a very valuable resource. Dr Christina is in my opinion one of the most valuable resources the aromatherapy industry has. Her teaching style is causal but very informative she is very easy to talk to and is there for me when advice is needed. If for some reason she doesn’t have the answer she will provide you with the proper resources to find the answer which I have found to be a rare trait these days. I am proud to say I have studied under and know her. Thank you Dr Christina for all of your hardwork and dedication in prepare this course please never stop doing what you do! -Drew Moss, Main Street Massage, Sioux City South Dakota

I began taking aromatherapy classes with Christina because I have always been interested in essential oils. I am a registered yoga teacher and have attended a few yoga classes where the instructor used oils during Savasana or diffused them in the room during class. I thought it would be fun to learn more about essential oils, so that I could use them in my classes. After the first aromatherapy class, taught by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, I was hooked! I found all of the information and hands(nose)–on learning useful and profound. As the classes progressed, I began teaching a yoga class using essential oils that I blended. The response from my students was positive and they started to ask me if I sold my blends. This sparked the idea to create my own business and now, I create different essential oil blends and self-care products. I also offer aromatherapy consultations for those that are looking for an intuitive and personal approach to creating therapeutic essential oil blends. I am very thankful to Christina! Holistic Aromatherapy classes have opened doors for me both personally and professionally!
~ Namaste ~ Melissa D. Registered Yoga Instructor Oconomowoc, WI

Participating in the series ” Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy” was a very meaningful experience for me as an individual, and as someone who is always seeking to learn and grow as an energy practitioner. Taking this series has enhanced my life in more ways than I thought possible. Healing myself and helping others to heal themselves through essential oils was just part of it. The use of essential oils has enhanced intuitive abilities within me, opened my heart to become more compassionate, and brought forth a deeper appreciation of Gods beautiful creation- nature, and all it has to offer us. I will never look at plants, trees, flowers and grasses the same way again! Christina passes on her love of working with the essential oils to her students, making every class interesting, fun and uplifting. She is a wealth of knowledge and it is apparent to all who study with her, that she truly enjoys imparting her wisdom and watching her students evolve and grow. ~Moira D. L.P.N. Reiki practitioner, Holistic Aromatherapist. Milwaukee, WI

Having taken several short, as well as weekend-long, classes with Christina, her freshness of information and approach to connecting with students and teaching continues to amaze and inspire me! a whole new world has been opened to me through essential oils…i cannot thank you enough…I can’t wait till we meet again 🙂 ~Cindy M. Reiki Practitioner and Healing Touch Practitioner Rochester, MN

Christina Wilke-Burbach is a fabulously gifted teacher! Her aromatherapy class was informative and fun! A great learning experience! I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning the health benefits of aromatherapy! I took away experience that will last me a lifetime!~ Connie T. CNA, RMT, Juneau, WI

I highly recommend the Aromatherapy Certification to anyone who is searching for a small class size, personal attention, lots of resources, learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, a comprehensive course curriculum, and having a very knowledgeable instructor who is dedicated to making sure you have fun and succeed. I always anticipated each class; I loved the thought-provoking class discussions, class activities, and of course learning about the healing properties of essential oils! Aromatherapy is without a doubt a staple in my business and personal life. Thank you Christina! ~Robyn P. LMT, Milwaukee, WI.

Thank you Mary Laven, for bringing Christina Wilke-Burbach, PhD, to Rochester, MN! Having the classes at your Wind Over Fire Healing Arts Center was a delight! Because these classes delve into so much information about Essential Oils, I am now better able to discern which products truly affect me physically and why—ultimately I can avoid contact with them. Experiencing and using Essential Oils is a process of looking forward, learning more, and then being able to incorporate the oils into my own Integrated Health Practices. ~Norrie L. MacIlraith, RN, BSN, MS, CNS, TH, HTP. Rochester, MN

Anyone interested in learning how to use essential oils safely and responsibly should seriously consider learning from Christina Wilke-Burbach. I was impressed with her expertise and practical approach to using essential oils. She presents the material in a professional yet informal way that allows everyone to share, ask questions and receive hands on experience. I know there are many books and materials available for those who want to know more about using oils, however, for those who want to use essential oils on themselves, friends, or family or to incorporate the use of aroma therapy with other alternative modalities, I highly recommend you take Christina’s classes. Not only will you feel more comfortable blending and using essential oils, but you will come away from the classes realizing just how much more there is to learn. I found myself anxious to learn more from Christina. She has a wonderful sense of humor and makes learning fun. I admire her enthusiasm and appreciate the great amount of time and research she put into the written materials, including valuable and reliable resources for further reading and references. The Level I classes were quite an eye opener for me and I am extremely honored to have had the opportunity to learn from Christina. She is an exceptional woman who whollistically lives and breathes what she teaches. ~Pamela B. Reiki Master Teacher, Iowa

“Explore the ancient mystical glimmering of nature and science. Healing with Essential Oils is a great resource of a world forgotten. But our spirit has not, thus enters educator and Light worker, Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach, who is a scholar, teacher and a practioner of clinical and intuitive Aromatherapy, has created a thoughtful and honest course(s) for the sole purpose of changing lifestyles, beliefs and old habits into methods of facilitated healing. My discovery of holistic healing has begun with the art and science of caring for the whole person – body, mind and spirit, through Aromatherapy certification 101-104. Western medicine is embracing this value of Palliative Care, that is respecting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of the patient. These medicines of the earth are not only for the medical community, but are a timeless apothecary for our families and community. Christina is professional in every aspect of instruction. Her heart and motivation to build a better tomorrow is with warm roots and refreshing energy. Thank you Christina for passing on the sciences of Herbology and Aromatherapy. ~Laura M Hartert, Mayo Hospital, Rochester, MN

Regarding Aromatherapy with Christina Wilke-Burbach, Ph.D.… After taking both of the Healing with Aromatherapy Intensives Levels 1 and 2, I am impressed with the depth of knowledge that Christina has regarding these magnificent gifts of nature known as essential oils. It is unfortunate that they are not better understood for their medicinal properties, and are confused with perfumery and scented candles. The oils are the essential life-force of each of the plants and as such, have the medicinal properties of each plant. It is beyond aromatherapy into botanical therapy! These classes are not just about dispensing oils to work on something symptomatic in an individual’s body, but learning about the organic chemistry or the chemical composition of the oils, their uses and effect on the body. We covered safety precautions based on science and chemical reactions, and science-based ethical standards of practice. And considering all these factors, how these oils can work with an individual holistically by taking into consideration ALL that is going on with each person. It is a true form of individualized treatment! What you will learn in these classes far exceed the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) requirements. “Her course work is amazing and thorough and is for every healing practitioner serious about working in a holistic way with clients and patients” ~Mary Laven, Executive Director of Wind over Fire Healing Arts Center, Rochester, MN.

I have been blown away by the series 1 and 2 classes for Clinical Aromatherapy Certification. Never before have I been so excited about learning. Christina is an amazing teacher who inspires us all to be our best selves. The class was very in depth and informative, yet fun and light. Thank you so much Christina. ~Ann Fothergill, Registered Dental Hygienist, Milwaukee, WI

I became interested in Essential Oils and read so much different types of advice on using them. The more I read the more confusing things became. I began searching for some type of class to learn safety and they always seemed to lead to someone selling a mass marketing product. I really wanted to learn from someone not pushing anything which led me to Christina. I signed up for level one… I have to say the knowledge I gained from her is invaluable.. Her classes were well planned and fun! I highly recommend learning from someone with a passion for safety and sharing her vast knowledge with her students.~Nancy Yaeger, Wisconsin