Online Aromatherapy Classes


We are discontinuing and retiring our 3 aromatherapy series. These are available online only for a huge discount until November 30, 2019. The sale has been extended from the original October 31 deadline as a number of people have asked to have a little more time to get the money together. Please note, Dr. Christina does not offer or teach any aromatherapy classes face to face anymore. They are available online only. 


Holistic Healing with Aroma Level 1 (Aroma 101 to 106)

Normally $500. On clearance for $99! Available until 11/30/19 only!

This comprehensive 48 hour online Level I aromatherapy series was created by Holistic Health Consultant, Certified Aromatherapist, Herbalist, Master Gardener, and American Botanical Council member Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA. Dr. Christina has training in both “French” aromatherapy and “British” aromatherapy and teaches true Holistic aromatherapy…. safely and ethically using oils via inhalation, topically, and internally when appropriate. Click on the name of the class (in red) above for a full description of the series and to purchase!


Holistic Healing with Aroma Level 2 (Aroma 201 to 205)

Normally $500. On clearance for $99! Available until 11/30/19 only!

This 45 hour online level 2 aromatherapy and holistic healing series created by Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD, RMT, CA is unlike any other one out there as it combines clinical, medical, folk, metaphysical, and intuitive aromatherapy. A focus is placed on holistic healing and working within all dimensions of the human experience. Throughout the series, you will learn over 40 aromatherapy techniques to bring balance to the mind, body, spirit, and energy system. Students also learn an Aroma Reading Intuitive Technique developed by Christina. Click on the name of the class (in red) above for a full description of the series and to purchase!


Conception to Delivery and Beyond: Essential Oils, Hydrosols, and Herbs (Classes 1 to 4)

Normally $200. On clearance for $50! Available until 11/30/19 only!

This four-part series (16 hours) covers how to safely use essential oils, herbs, and hydrosols to support holistic health and wellness from conception and beyond! There are varying viewpoints on the use of essential oils during pregnancy (and with infants and children) with one extreme stating to never use oils and the other extreme stating all oils are ok to use internally and externally. We present a safe and balanced approach to the use of essential oils and discuss aromatherapy techniques and other Complementary and Integrative approaches as women try to conceive, to support wellness in all stages of pregnancy, to assist with labor and delivery, for postpartum care, breastfeeding, and with infants and children. Often herbs and hydrosols can be safer and more effective options for pregnant women and infants/children, so students will learn how to blend essential oils, herbs, and hydrosols together to best serve their clients, friends, and family. Click on the name of the class (in red) above for a full description of the series and to purchase!


About our online classes:

  • Take classes in the convenience and comfort of your own home!
  • Work at your own pace, on your own schedule!!
  • Perfect for busy individuals!!
  • Get started as soon as you want!
  • You do the classes when you feel focused and motivated!


I loved being able to take the classes. I am in Indiana and could not afford to travel for classes. I was able to study the classes at my pace. The information was clearly presented. It was a great solution I am glad I took. ~ Sherry

I really enjoy face to face learning, but because of family and work commitments, classes are the best for me.~ Jennifer

As a full time nurse who is also in grad school, the classes have been great. It is also great to be able to go back and listen and review the class recordings, which is something you can’t do with in person classes. If you have difficulty committing to specific times because of crazy schedules, classes are the way to go.” ~ Christine

  • Students who have taken online classes with Dr. Christina report that they LOVE the classes.
  • All of our online classes are independent study/home study and include recorded webinars or mp3s of Dr. Christina teaching course content.
  • Most of the recorded classes were taught to a live group of students. You can hear the students interact with Dr. Christina and ask questions and discuss class content. It’s like you are there with them!
  • Students can download and watch/listen to the webinars or mp3s via Windows Media Player, VLC, or ITunes as many times as they want!
  • Each online class also includes a detailed workbook and extensive written materials in PDF format
  • Dr. Christina gets to personally know all of her students, unlike other classes where you never meet the teacher or interact with the teacher
  • Dr. Christina personally mentors all of her students and does not pass you off to an assistant
  • You get the best of both worlds…classes at your convenience on your schedule AND live discussion with the instructor!
  • You take classes from the comfort of your own home.
  • You always get a front row seat, you can wear whatever you want, and you do not have to drive anywhere or find a parking spot!
  • Online classes are budget friendly as you do not have to travel and pay for airfare/gas or lodging
  •  You do not need to be technology savvy. If you can turn on a computer and check your email, you can take an online class. Its super simple…no advanced skills are needed.
  • Dr. Christina is highly responsive and quickly replies to your emails
  • In addition, Dr. Christina has a private ‘Holistic Healing’ Facebook group for all her students on Facebook. Upon request, Dr. Christina can add you to the group so you can interact with other students and stay current in holistic healing topics, network, and ask questions!
  • Within 24 to 48 hours after receiving payment, Dr. Christina will email you the class recordings, class workbook, and additional written materials.