The 4 Golden Rules for working with me


-The 4 Golden Rules for working with me (as my student, client, or peer)-

1). You are encouraged to please NOT use the terms “mess” or a “hot mess” to describe yourself or your situation. You are not a mess! We are all works in progress. I believe we all have the ability to heal from any wound, no matter how deep it is or how long it has been there.

2). You do not ever have to use the disclaimer “This might sound crazy…..” with me. I acknowledge and validate experiences that are above and beyond the ego. I am a safe, non-judgemental, and supported space to freely and openly discuss your journey and experiences.

3). Please don’t compare your spiritual journey to other’s. Spirituality is your own unique journey! No one is more “advanced” or better than anyone else. It’s all about your own soul’s evolution and experiences.

4). I do not think or believe that psychic or intuitive abilities are a gift. We ALL have these abilities. Often we just need to pay attention and start listening. The messages are there and always have been. Then, as with any skill, the more you practice and “exercise” the better you get

Love and Light! Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD

Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD is a consultant, educator, spiritual counselor, and holistic healing facilitator with 23 years of experience and education in natural health, psychology, and spirituality. She specializes in women’s wellness and spiritual psychology. The majority of her clients are empaths, intuitives, sensitives, psychics, mediums, healers, lightworkers, modern mystics, deeply spiritual individuals, and individuals experiencing a spiritual awakening.

Christina utilizes a combination of energy medicine, counseling, chakra psychology, spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, artwork, music, movement, intuitive readings, mind/body techniques, and natural health consultation.

Christina specializes in women’s wellness and can best address:

-Major Life Changes and Life Transitions
-Feeling lost and/or unbalanced
-Women seeking wellness, life purpose, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual development, and personal growth.
-Women sensitive to others’ energy (Empaths)
-Spiritual Awakenings and Spiritual Emergence
-Women having psychic, mystical, and unexplainable experiences
-Stress, burnout, fatigue, & exhaustion
-Depression, Anxiety, Mood Imbalance
-Grief & Loss
-Emotional Concerns
-Substance Abuse
-Relationship Concerns, Family Concerns, Parenting Concerns