Holistic Healing & Women’s Wellness Services

Holistic Healing Services and Consultation that address the whole person-mind, soul, and self!

Specializing in Women’s Wellness, Emotional Healing, and Spiritual Development!!

Appointments and Consultation are available:


Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach is a consultant, educator, and holistic healing facilitator with over 19 years of experience and education in natural health, psychology, and spirituality.  She specializes in women’s emotional and spiritual wellness.  She uses holistic approaches that treat the whole person.  Christina does not practice western psychology, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or psychiatry; she does not give diagnosis or labels or provide psychological treatment. She is not a medical doctor, licensed psychologist or mental health therapist, and does not accept insurance. She does have a PhD in Health Psychology, a Masters Degree in Psychology, and a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, but is an Alternative Medicine Provider, Holistic Healing Facilitator, Consultant, and Educator, not a behavioral health counselor or psychotherapist. Dr. Christina’s services can greatly complement Western psychological, counseling, psychiatric, and social work services clients may be receiving.  Holistic Healing can also be a great alternative to traditional counseling and traditional mental health care. Think of Dr. Christina as an alternative counselor. Her experience working in the Western mental health and psychology field and her own personal healing experience has taught her that talk therapies and medications do not work for everyone and healing occurs at a deeper level.  Western Psychology also fails to acknowledge the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the psyche. In her healing appointments, Christina utilizes a combination of energy medicine, counseling, chakra psychology, spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, intuitive readings, mind/body techniques, and natural health consultation. Dr. Christina can best serve women experiencing:

  • Stress, burnout, fatigue, & exhaustion
  • Depression, Anxiety
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Substance Abuse
  • Relationship concerns, Family Concerns
  • Major Life Changes and Life Transitions
  • Feeling lost and/or unbalanced
  • Individuals seeking wellness, their life purpose, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual development, and personal growth. 
  • Individuals sensitive to others’ energy (Empaths)
  • Spiritual Awakenings and Spiritual Emergence

Appointments are customized based on your unique needs but often combine energy balancing with aromatherapy, counseling/consultation, mind/body medicine, and intuitive feedback. A  face to face session often begins with:

  1. Discussion of the problem and your concerns
  2. Then a selection of a personal and unique blend of essential oils for aromatherapy
  3. Then Chakra and Energy Balancing and/or Reiki
  4. And/or Hypnosis and Guided Imagery
  5.  Then intuitive feedback/ Intuitive reading
  6. And finishes with counseling/consultation (recommendations, plan of action, herbal medicine etc).

Initial healing appointments are at least 90 minutes long so Dr. Christina can get to know you. Subsequent appointments are 60-180 minutes. Consultation/education appointments can start at 30 minutes. Please visit ‘Prices and Payment’ page for info about pricing.  All appointments with Dr. Christina are holistic, treat the mind, soul, and self and blend together the following services: 


Chakra and Energy Balancing Bodywork- **Dr. Christina’s specialty**
The Chakras are the main energy centers in our subtle body. They are the openings for life energy to flow into and out of our aura or electromagnetic field. There are 8 main Chakras, minor, subpersonal, and transpersonal chakras. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Low energy or slow energy in a chakra (or the entire system) can lead to disharmony, dis-ease, maladaptive patterns, low vibrating emotions, stress, and/or fatigue. Chakra balancing clears and realigns the energy system restoring the mind, body, spirit, aura, and energy system back to balance and harmony.  Dr. Christina uses over 12 techniques to balance your Chakras. Chakra Counseling and a Chakra Energy Reading are included at the end of the session. During a face to face Chakra and Energy Balancing session, clients lay on a massage table (fully clothed) while Dr. Christina works on your body (feet, knees, hips, spine, neck, head, hands) and in your aura. During a webcam or phone session, clients sit in a peaceful place in their own home where they will not be disturbed. The experience is very relaxing and peaceful and many fall asleep.  Available as a face to face, webcam, or phone appointment.   


Chakra Psychology/Chakra Counseling
Take a journey through your own Chakras and learn how to change your thoughts and modify your behaviors to achieve balance. Each Chakra is correlated to certain mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and metaphysical issues. The Chakras are also a blueprint for human growth and development. Addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual concerns in each Chakra through Chakra Psychology and Chakra Counseling can enhance the flow of your vital life force energy, release energy blockages, help you heal and become more whole, and evolve your consciousness. Christina will utilize and teach you psychology, spiritual, and counseling techniques to help you activate your own inner healer. Chakra Psychology/Chakra Counseling can include mind/body techniques, energy psychology,  guided imagery, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and Transpersonal Psychology techniques.  Available as a face to face, webcam, email, or phone appointment. 


Chakra Energy Intuitive Reading
Dr. Christina is a Chakra expert and is highly skilled in working within this energy system. Dr. Christina will intuitively read your energy system and help you explore the status and functioning of your main energy centers, minor Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras, and related physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.  She can identify your strongest chakras and the ones that need a little work. Receive insight into what may be contributing to problems and disrupting your energy flow, how you can reach your highest potential, and what you can do clear and return your life to balance.  The most important part of the reading is discussing solutions and tips for you to achieve healing. Readings can also include Chakra focused archetype and astrological information.  Available as a face to face, webcam, email, or phone appointment.


Holistic Aromatherapy Consultation
Christina is a leading aromatherapy professional and teacher in the Midwest. Christina blends together clinical, metaphysical, and intuitive aromatherapy. Christina can consult with you and answer your essential oil and aromatherapy questions and concerns. Based on your unique situation, Christina can also help you create a custom blend of essential oils to relax, heal, and create mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well being.  Aromatherapy can also be blended into individual healing appointments.  Available as a face to face, webcam, email, or phone appointment. 


Aroma Reading TM by Dr. Christina
Plants and essences have been used for spiritual healing and to facilitate communicate with the divine for thousands of years. Essential oils are the physical representation of the five elements: earth, air, fire, water, and spirit.  Tap into this divine wisdom of the plants with an Aroma Reading! Dr. Christina Wilke-Burbach is a leading aromatherapy professional and teacher in the Midwest. She blends together intuitive and clinical aromatherapy. She created this Aroma Reading intuitive technique and teaches students how to divinate with oils in her Holistic Healing with Aromatherapy program. She uses pure botanical essential oils to communicate with spirit, to intuitively read and heal your mind, body, energy, and soul. Want more insight into your mental, emotional, spiritual, energy body, and physical well-being? Receive an intuitive reading using essential oils! Readings also explore your Chakra and Aura health, relationships, and healing journey.  This unique service includes your own personalized holistic oil blend to take home with instructions for use.  Available as a face to face, webcam, email, or phone appointment.

Mind/Body Techniques (Hypnosis and Guided Meditation)
Mind/Body techniques use the mind, thoughts, and emotions to influence mental, spiritual, and physical health. The mind and body are profoundly interconnected and are perhaps indistinguishable. Whereas the mind can make the body sick and create dis-ease, it can also trigger the body’s innate healing capabilities. Mind/body techniques can aid in relaxation and stress reduction as well as personal and spiritual growth. Sessions can blend in guided imagery and hypnosis.  Christina can also teach you to use mindfulness techniques, meditation, moving meditation, imagery, breathe work and more to reach a state of harmony and balance.  Available as a face to face, webcam, or phone appointment.


Reiki and Energy Healing
The root of all disease and illness may be due to bioenergetic blockages. Reiki is a relaxing, healing, and therapeutic hands on technique that uses energy healing and light touch to unblock and rebalance the energy system in and around the body. Most people find the treatments very soothing and relaxing. Some find their pain and stress are reduced and they have more energy. Some have peak or spiritual experiences. Reiki stimulates the body, mind, and soul’s own healing and growth process. Great for stress, anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain, chronic health conditions, to enhance spirituality, and personal growth. The client is fully clothed and lies on a massage table. Christina blends in Light Body Energies to heighten the energy flow.  Available as a face to face, webcam, or phone appointment. 
Herbal and Natural Health Consultation
Learn how nutrition, herbs, lifestyle, self-care, and natural health can increase holistic health and wellness and assist you in reducing stress and balancing emotions. Christina integrates elements of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathy into her sessions.  Available as a face to face, webcam, email, or phone appointment.   


* Mind, Soul, and Self promotes health, healing, wellness, and spiritual growth through personal growth work and natural means. We do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or mental health condition and our services are not meant to replace the advice and treatment of your physician. We are not a licensed medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional, but Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine.  All services are meant to complement regular medical/health care and mental healthcare, hence the name “complementary medicine.”  Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine work best together to help you achieve health and wellness.