Individual Appointments with Dr. Christina

Spiritual Psychology, mentoring, and Intuitive Readings with christina wilke-burbach PhD!

* Spiritual/Paranormal/Transpersonal Psychology  *  Intuitive Readings *  Shadow Work 

* Past Life Regression  * Mind/Body Techniques (Hypnosis)  *  Plant Medicine 

* Mentoring and Individual Education

Appointments, Readings, and Consultation with Dr. Christina are available:

      • Over the Phone
      • Online/ZOOM
  • Online/Zoom/Phone appointments are currently available only on Tuesday late afternoons and evenings.

“An appointment for services with Dr. Christina at Mind Soul and Self LLC is always a great experience. The care is holistic, informative & open. The atmosphere is conducive to receiving what insights are needed. I recently had a Chakra reading which for me was helpful in understanding self. I would return again for any number of the services or classes offered by Mind Soul and Self LLC.” ~ J. from Wisconsin

“An amazing experience, Christina is great!”……S.H.

“You rock… I appreciate you! You radiate positivity…and… Now, so do I!!”……..K.V.

“Because of your help and inspiration, I have become stronger than I was before and still working on getting even stronger. My Spiritual path, while I have a very long way to go, I’m at least on it! That is all because of you! You are the absolute best and I can not thank you enough for everything!!! Much love!!!!” ….A. R.

Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD is a consultant, educator, spiritual counselor, and holistic healing facilitator with 25 years of experience and education in natural health, psychology, magick, and spirituality.  She specializes in spiritual awakening, shadow work, intuitive readings, and personal growth for the modern mystic! She aims to create a safe space and spiritual empowerment for Awakening Women, non-binary individuals, and transgender women. Feminine energy needs a safe and sacred space free from the patriarchy to heal, be authentic, share their journey, discuss metaphysical, esoteric, magickal, deep spiritual topics, and evolve your soul without fear of being judged or ridiculed. Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD normalizes psychic abilities, mysticism, magick, Transpersonal Experiences, and alternative spiritual beliefs. The majority of her clients are empaths, intuitives, energy sensitive, psychics, mediums, healers, lightworkers, modern mystics, shamans, medicine women, witches, pagans, deeply spiritual individuals, and individuals experiencing a spiritual awakening.  Christina uses holistic approaches that treat the whole person.  Christina does not practice western psychology, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or psychiatry; she does not give diagnosis or labels or provide psychological treatment. She is not a medical doctor, licensed psychologist or mental health therapist, and does not accept insurance.  She is a modern mystic and spiritual counselor; combining psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, magick, and intuition into her healing appointments. Christina has a PhD in Health Psychology, Training in Transpersonal Psychology, a Masters Degree in Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology, is an ordained minister, Reiki Master Teacher, and High Priestess in Training, but is an Alternative Medicine Provider, Holistic Healing Facilitator, Consultant, and Educator, not a behavioral health counselor or psychotherapist. Christina’s services can greatly complement Western psychological, counseling, psychiatric, and social work services clients may be receiving.  Holistic Healing can also be a great alternative to traditional counseling and traditional mental health care. Think of Christina as an alternative counselor. Her experience working in the Western mental health and psychology field and her own personal healing experience has taught her that talk therapies and medications do not work for everyone and healing occurs at a deeper level.  Western Psychology also fails to acknowledge the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the psyche. In her healing appointments, Christina utilizes a combination of energy medicine, counseling, chakra psychology, spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, artwork, music, movement, intuitive readings, mind/body techniques, and natural health consultation.  Christina can best address:

  • Major Life Changes and Life Transitions
  • Feeling lost, confused, and/or unbalanced
  • Twin Flames, Soul Mates, Soul Groups, and Spirit Guide Relationships
  • Individuals seeking wellness, life purpose, meaning, understanding, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual development, and personal growth. 
  • Individuals sensitive to others’ energy (Empaths)
  • Spiritual Awakenings and Spiritual Emergence
  • Intuitive/Psychic Awakening
  • Psychic Development
  • Individuals having psychic, mystical, and unexplainable experiences
  • Stress, burnout, fatigue, & exhaustion
  • Depression, Anxiety, Mood Imbalance
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Substance Abuse
  • Relationship Concerns, Family Concerns, Parenting Concerns
  • Career Concerns & Guidance on Career Path and Life Purpose

Appointments with Dr. Christina focus on 6 pathways: 

  • Intuitive, Psychic, & Spiritual Development
  • Shadow Work
  • A Journey of Self-Discovery (Who am I? What’s my purpose & passion? Developing insight & awareness)
  • Emotional Healing 
  • Energy Healing, Chakras, Reiki, Aura 
  • Individual Mentoring and Education 

My appointments do not have a cookie-cutter set format. It is all intuitively guided and unique to each client and situation. Appointments often combine multiple modalities together. The main service I offer is Spiritual Psychology and then I blend other modalities into my counseling technique: intuitive readings (Tarot, Oracle, Astrology, Palmistry), energy medicine, Reiki, mind/body medicine (hypnosis, guided meditation), and plant medicine (aromatherapy and herbs). You do not need to know what service you want or need in order to make an appointment with me because it’s all Spiritual Psychology!!

It’s recommended that initial healing appointments with new clients are at least 90 minutes long so I can get to know you, do an intake, and offer services. Subsequent/follow up appointments are 60-180 minutes. The longer the appointment, the more in-depth and detailed we can get, the more work we can do, the more processing we can do.

Appointments for intuitive readings only start at 30 to 60 minutes.

I also offer appointment packages. These are structured appointments that give you an opportunity to deep dive into your psyche and soul. See the bottom of this page for my appointment packages. 

Packages/bundles for multiple sessions are available for discounted rates for both new clients and established clients.  Please visit ‘Prices and Payment’ page for info about pricing and packages. All appointments require payment in advance 24 to 48 hours before your appointment.  

Email Dr. Christina at to schedule your appointment.

  • Online/Zoom/Phone appointments are available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday late afternoon/evenings.
  • Classes and special events are on Saturdays/Sundays. Not available on Mondays or Wednesdays. 


Spiritual Psychology, Mentoring, and Intuitive Readings with Dr. Christina

Spiritual Psychology (Spiritual Mentoring, Transpersonal Psychology)
Dive deep into the depths of your Psyche and Soul. Going through a Major Life Change or Life Transition? Feeling lost and/or unbalanced? Seeking your life purpose, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual development, and personal growth? Are you experiencing a spiritual awakening? Spiritual counseling with Christina will guide and mentor you on your soul’s journey using depth psychology, Transpersonal psychology, Chakra Psychology, techniques and concepts from Carl Jung, archetypes, astrology, shadow work, intuitive development, energy protection, energy clearing, process work, and deeply transformational inner work. Can include mind/body techniques, artwork, music, movement, energy psychology, guided imagery, hypnosis, cognitive-behavioral therapy, meditation, and Transpersonal Psychology techniques. Spiritual counseling can also use tarot and intuitive readings (Tarot, Oracle, Palm, Astrology) for insight, self-exploration, and guidance. Available as Zoom or phone appointment. 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes. 150, or 180 minutes. **It is recommended that clients consider at least 3  appointments for best results with this service. 

The main service I offer is Spiritual Psychology and then I blend other modalities into my counseling technique:


Tarot Readings
Tarot has been used for divination and insight since at least the 1500s. Tarot decks are usually comprised of 22 Major Arcana cards and 56 Minor Arcana cards. Tarot is rich in archetypes, metaphors, and symbolism. Each card in the deck represents a different stage in the journey through life. Tarot is not only a powerful spiritual tool, but it is also fabulous for gaining deep psychological understanding. Tarot Readings with Dr. Christina are unique as she uses them as a Spiritual Psychology, personal growth, and counseling tool. She has a PhD in Health Psychology, a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor’s Degree in Anthropology, a Minor in Sociology, and is trained in Transpersonal Psychology having studied with Stan Grof MD, PhD, the founder of the field. She is also a Reiki Master Teacher and ordained non-denominational minister. Tarot readings with Dr. Christina can also include counseling, depth psychology, and information on archetypes, astrology, the hero/heroine’s journey, rites of passage, and the chakras. For more info about Tarot Readings with Dr. Christina click here.   Available as Zoom or phone appointment. 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes.


Astrological Reading & Natal Chart Interpretation
You will need your date and time of birth and the location of your birth. Your Astrology & Natal Chart reading will show you the position of the entire cosmos at the moment of your birth and will give you insight into your personality, relationships, life purpose, and more! Also includes a personal horoscope for the upcoming month. We can also discuss your astrological chart and compare it to your significant others/family/friends. We can also deep dive into your moon astrology, the houses of the moon, your nodes, lunar returns, the elements of lunar returns, how the moon moves through your natal chart, and your monthly astrological forecast. The moon represents our shadow self, our changeable moods, emotions, intuition, and feelings. The relationship between the Moon and the Sun are especially important in Natal charts. Together these two objects represent the anima: conscious (sun) and animus: subconscious (moon) parts of our self according to Carl Jung. The Moon symbolizes emotions, feelings, instincts and day to day habit patterns and routine. The Moon is very strongly related to mother, home and family. The sign the Moon is in describes how a person is nurtured and nurturing. Christina uses Astrological Readings as a Spiritual Psychology and Personal Growth tool to help you gain insight into your life, purpose, relationships, emotions, intuition, spirituality, and healing. Available as Zoom or phone appointment.  60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 150 minutes, or 180 minutes.


Mind/Body Techniques (Hypnosis, Guided Meditation, Past Life Regression)
Mind/Body techniques (hypnosis, guided imagery, meditation, mindfulness) use the mind, thoughts, and emotions to influence mental, spiritual, and physical health. The mind and body are profoundly interconnected and are perhaps indistinguishable. Whereas the mind can make the body sick and create dis-ease, it can also trigger the body’s innate healing capabilities. Mind/body techniques can aid in relaxation and stress reduction as well as personal and spiritual growth.  Christina can utilize hypnosis and guided imagery for a plethora of healing options; including stress reduction, weight loss, smoking cessation, depression, anxiety, grief/loss, self-esteem, pain reduction, etc. Can also utilize mind/body techniques for metaphysical and spiritual healing: meet spirit guide(s), ancestors, intuitive development, journey to your Akashic Records, etc. Available as Zoom or phone appointment.  60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 150, or 180 minutes.  3+ hour Past Life Regression, Between Lives Regression, and Future Life Progression appointments are also available. 


Plant Medicine & Botanical Healing: Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy Consultation
Dr. Christina is a certified aromatherapist, herbalist, professional gardener, natural perfumer, botanical artist, and member of the American Botanical Council and the American Herbalist Guild.  Learn how herbal medicine and essential oils can increase holistic health and wellness and assist you in reducing stress and balancing emotions. Christina integrates elements of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Naturopathy into her sessions.  She also blends together clinical, metaphysical, and intuitive aromatherapy/herbalism. Christina can consult with you and answer your essential oil, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine questions and concerns. Based on your unique situation, Christina can recommend herbal medicines and can also help you create a custom blend of essential oils to relax, heal, and create mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Available as Zoom or phone appointment.   30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes, 150, or 180 minutes


(Can either pay as you go one appointment at a time or prepay for all sessions for a 10% discount. Christina can email you an invoice to prepay if you choose this option)

Package #1 (The Chakras, The Aura, Energy Healing & Psychology/Spiritual Mentoring).  Three 60 to 120 minute appointments. The longer the appointment, the more in-depth. Contact Christina at or 608.393.7353 to schedule.

Session #1: The Chakras. Learn all about your major Chakras, minor Chakras, transpersonal Chakras, subpersonal chakras. Dr. Christina is highly skilled in working within the Chakra energy system. The Chakras’ function is to vitalize the physical body and to bring about the development of our self-consciousness. Each chakra is associated with certain physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interactions. Christina will read your energy system and help you explore the status and functioning of your main energy centers, minor Chakras, Transpersonal Chakras, and related physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.  The chakras govern all areas of your life. Readings can focus on the entire system or can focus on one or two areas of concern. Christina can identify your strongest chakras and the ones that need a little work.  Receive insight into what may be contributing to problems and disrupting your energy flow, how you can reach your highest potential, and what you can do clear and return your life to balance.  The most important part of the reading is discussing solutions and tips for you to achieve healing. Readings can also include Chakra focused archetype and astrological information. Clients have told Christina a Chakra Reading was more helpful in gaining insight into their life than years of counseling.

Session #2: The Aura. Develop a deeper awareness of your aura and your bioenergy field. Experience your aura and receive intuitive/psychic feedback from Dr. Christina. Learn about the layers of the aura, colors, sizes, and shapes. Learn about psychic protection, energy hygiene, energy boundaries, and how to ground and center energy. You will also be introduced to various methods of protecting, centering, charging, and cleansing the aura.

Session #3: Energy Healing. This energy healing session with Dr. Christina will focus on spiritual purification, spirit release, cord cutting, clearing of attachments/low vibrational energies, clearing of your chakras and aura.


Package #2 (Shadow Work). Ten+ 90 to 180 minute appointments. The longer the appointment, the more in-depth. Contact Christina at or 608.393.7353 to schedule.

Shadow work is the most powerful, insightful, and deepest type of healing you can do. Doing this work will change your life!

Session #1:  Intro to Jungian Psychology, Depth Psychology & Transpersonal Psychology Intro, Defining the Shadow, Benefits to Shadow Work, and Starting to Identify Your Shadow. 

Session #2: Your Shadow Self, Projections, Exploring Feelings, Emotions, Patterns, Triggers, and Boundaries. Private sessions are available with Dr. Christina if you missed this group session!!

Session #3: Exploring your Shadow Self and Persona with Astrology, Numerology, and Tarot. 

Session #4: Exploring the Origins and Root of Your Shadow (Spiritual Programming, Spiritual Bypassing, Family, Learned Behaviors, Attachment Style, Ancestral, Past Life, Childhood, Schemas, and COEXS). 

Session #5: Archetypes, Universal Patterns, Character Traits, Chakra Archetypes, Shadow Archetypes. 

Session #6:  Healing and Integrating the Shadow Non-Verbally with Art, Music, Dance, Energy Work, Somatic Bodywork, Cord Cutting, and Holotropic States.  

Session #7: Healing and Integrating the Shadow with Journaling, Meditation, Journeying, Dream Work, and Hypnosis. 

Session #8:  Coping, Inner Child Work, Rewriting Your Story, Inner Dialogue, Self-Talk, Cognitive Restructuring, Affirmations, EFT, Love Languages. 

Session #9: Integrating the Shadow, Stages of Change, Reclaiming Your Magic, Self-Love, Self-Compassion, Developing Self-Awareness, Emotional Regulation, Coping Skills, Your Toolbox, and Completion of the Series. 

Session #10. Soul Retrieval. In the Soul Retrieval, we find, reclaim, and call back to us the bits and pieces of our soul that fractured and scattered across the universe when we experienced trauma, suffering, pain, and hurt. We make our selves more whole and more complete. This is a powerful shamanic/altered states experience facilitated by Christina. (This session is 3 hours long).


Package #3 (Intuitive Development & Mentoring).  Five 60 to 120 minute appointments. The longer the appointment, the more in-depth. Contact Christina at or 608.393.7353 to schedule.

Everyone has the ability to reach higher states of consciousness and harness their intuition! Discover and develop your own intuitive abilities!

Session #1. Christina will briefly review basic chakra locations and functions and the aura. You will learn how to open and close your Chakras, tips to increase intuition, how to establish energy boundaries, and basic psychic/aura protection. We will also cover intuitive ethics.

Session #2. This session will explore the intuitive abilities of the Root and Sacral Chakras. Abilities covered include clairsentience, psychometry, and transmutation.

Session #3.  This session will explore the intuitive abilities of the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras. Abilities covered include clairempathy, affinity, and gut feeling.

Session #4.  This session will explore the intuitive abilities of the Higher Heart and Throat Chakras. Abilities covered include telepathy and clairaudience.

Session #5.  This session will explore the intuitive abilities of the Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  Abilities covered include clairaudience, pre-cognition, retro-cognition, channeling, and claircognizance.


Package #4 (Past Lives, Future Lives, Between Lives).  Three 180 minute appointments. $250 each session. Contact Christina at or 608.393.7353 to schedule.

Session #1: Past life regression is a technique using hypnosis and visualization to undercover memories from your past lives and incarnations. Remembered or not, your unconscious mind holds the memories of many past lives. Almost everyone can recall a past-life memory. It is possible because your subconscious mind holds all memory through time and space. Our past lives can “bleed through” into our current lifetime and influence it in numerous ways. This will usually appear as patterns in your life. Do you find yourself repeating certain patterns over and over? Often, present-life issues we are struggling with have a past-life origin and the stories contain amazing lessons. The lessons are revealed most markedly by the life patterns we recognize in the stories. Emotional, spiritual, and physical concerns in your current life may also have their origin in a past life. Dr. Christina has successfully regressed over 400 people in both individual and group settings. Her clients have gone back to lives in Eqypt, Colonial America, Atlantis, Lemuria, Pompeii, World War 1 and 2, the Vietnam War, The Wild West, The Victorian Era, Prehistoric times, and beyond. Sessions provide an opportunity to heal trauma, release karma/stuck energy in these lives as well as forgive and be forgiven for transgressions. There are many reasons to do a past life regression: to gain insight, to experience healing, to heal issues with no rational cause (fears, pain, etc), to process soul lessons, to forgive others who have hurt you so the past can be healed, to release and dissolve karmic entanglement, to gain an understanding of your gifts and challenges in this lifetime and how to move beyond them, and to gain more awareness of your soul contracts, karmic relationships, soul mates, and soul groups. Your session will begin with goal setting and exploration of patterns and concerns in your life. Then you are deeply relaxed into a deep meditation/trance state and Dr. Christina guides you back to the life or lives that need to be addressed and healed. You are also given an opportunity to meet with your spirit guide(s) and soul group. Session ends with processing, integration, and discussion of your experience. 

Session #2: Future Life Progression uses similar techniques as past life regression but takes you forward into your future. You can explore your most probable future, the one that will happen if you stay on the same path that you are on now. You can look ten years into the future or you can access your future lives and go much further into the future, hundreds or thousands of years. There are many reasons to do a future life progression: to see what possibilities the future holds, to make better decisions regarding relationships and your career path, to be more discerning and waste less time taking action, to more successfully manifest, to get creative ideas, and to heal relationships and trauma now so they do not impact future you. Your session will begin with goal setting and exploration of patterns and concerns in your life. Then you will be guided forward in time to the life or lives that need to be addressed and healed. The session ends with processing, integration, and discussion of your experience. Can also include an intuitive reading. You are also given an opportunity to meet with your spirit guide(s) and soul group. 


Session #3: Between Lives Regression (Life Between Lives): This special Past Life Regression, A Between Lives Regression, focuses on your “life between lives.” Life Between Lives is a soul journey from death to your life in the spirit world to your reincarnation…everything that happens between death and the next life. It is a deep hypnotic regression to that special time a soul spends in the spirit world between incarnations During an LBL you experience yourself as an immortal soul, meet your guides, loved ones, and enlightened beings who help you explore your soul lessons, soul contracts, soul gifts, life’s purpose, and other deep questions about your existence as an immortal soul. The session ends with processing, integration, and discussion of your experience. Can also include an intuitive reading. You are also given an opportunity to meet with your spirit guide(s) and soul group. 



* Mind, Soul, and Self LLC promotes health, healing, wellness, and spiritual growth through personal growth work and natural means. We do not prescribe, diagnose, treat, or cure any medical or mental health condition and our services are not meant to replace the advice and treatment of your physician. We are not a licensed medical doctor or a licensed mental health professional, but Complementary, Alternative, and Integrative Medicine.  All services are meant to complement regular medical/healthcare and mental healthcare, hence the name “complementary medicine.”  Western Medicine and Alternative Medicine work best together to help you achieve health and wellness.