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Ends 11/27/2023

Sale Ends 11/27/2023.

10 classes on sale! including spirit guides, animal communication, gods and goddesses, death and dying, ancestral healing, intro to witchcraft, alternatives to sage/smudging, SOUL MATES & SOUL GROUPS, UNDERSTANDING THE SPIRIT WORLD, & STARSEEDS AND GALACTIC ORIGINS. 




Death & Dying: Psychopomps, Death Doulas, Exit Guides, and Soul Midwives
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
Psychopomps are a concept originating from Greek mythology. Psychopomps are soul guides that escort and guide newly deceased souls from Earth to the afterlife. Their role is not to judge the deceased, but simply to guide.  Modern Psychopomps are called Death Doulas, Exit Guides, and Soul Midwives. Death is one of life’s most potent, transformational, and sacred passages. It is also one of the most denied, ignored, and feared. We will discuss examples of Psychopomps throughout history, soul guiding techniques in different spiritual traditions, deities/gods/goddesses that are Psychopomps and how to work with them.  We will discuss ways that you can facilitate this sacred work (with family, friends, clients, patients, as a volunteer in hospice) and ways to tap into the veil. Death is a journey we all will take when it is our time….there is nothing to fear. The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts. 


Working with the Ancestors and Ancestral Healing
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
Ancestral Healing allows us to make peace with the members of our family, forgive them, and help them heal their unresolved emotional issues, problems or trauma, going back many generations. In so doing, it releases you from any energetic patterns and energetic cords that link you to them – patterns that can have a disruptive influence on your life today. When we have an ancestor from our past that needs healing, they hang on energetically to our family line and create negative energetic structures. This causes us to have a harder time letting go of things that no longer serve us and leaves us feeling like we are stuck. We may notice that we repeat the same patterns over and over. We know that this is causing us pain, but feel like there is no way out. Ancestral healing is extremely beneficial for many people because when we release and heal these ancestral patterns, any blockages we have in our lives clear and heal. This too can clear the way for our children and future descendants. And don’t worry, you don’t need to know anything/everything about your lineage(s)/ancestors or even be in a good relationship with them to do this work. The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts. 


Alternatives to Sage and Smudging: An Exploration of Cleansing and Purification Techniques from Different Cultures and Belief Systems.
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
The goal of this workshop is to help people explore cleansing and purification techniques that may be more appropriate to their personal spiritual practices. There has been a lot of recent conversation and controversy around appropriation of certain practices across the world by westerners (Reiki, Yoga, Smudging, etc). People using White Sage to smudge is a great example of this. There is back lash and anger from some Native American and Indigenous Cultures over use of culturally specific techniques that people from outside the culture don’t really understand. Other problems include overharvesting of White Sage and capitalizing, exploiting, and profiting off of indigenous practices.  In this workshop, we will discuss cultural appropriation vs cultural appreciation.  We will also discuss the concept of Plastic Shaman (slang term for individuals who are attempting to pass themselves off as shamans or other traditional spiritual leaders, but who have no genuine connection to the traditions or cultures they claim to represent and often exploit that knowledge for ego, power, or money). Participants will then be introduced to a number of different purification techniques from various spiritual traditions including Saining from the Scottish/Irish/Celtic Culture, Vastu Shuddhi and Dhoop from Ayurveda, Norse/Viking Techniques, Egyptian techniques, Greek/Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Feng Shui, Buddhist, Esoteric, Metaphysical, and Magickal Traditions. We will also cover non-culture specific techniques like fire rituals, crystals, crystal grids, sound, salt, and candles. The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts. 


Introduction to Witchcraft & Witches: Defining, Demystifying, and Destigmatizing Pagan Beliefs Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
There is a lot of fear, taboo, and misunderstanding of witchcraft. This is largely due to Hollywood, the mainstream, and religious leaders spreading untruths and perpetuating stereotypes.  Witchcraft is really the old-world religion and ways pre-Christianity. Women practiced herbalism, divination, and the healing arts throughout the world until they became the target of the church and the state – probably for reasons of power and money. Now, the divine feminine is rising and women (and men/other genders) are reclaiming and reembracing these earth-based spiritual beliefs. The goal of this workshop is to define, educate, and clarify Wicca, Wiccan, Witches, Witchcraft, and Pagan beliefs and spirituality. Christina identifies as a witch and is currently in a High Priestess Theology training program and a student in a Soul School based in Ancient Greek Witchcraft. About 5 years ago, a student in Christina’s herbal certificate series called Christina a witch as an insult. Christina was very hurt at first, until, after some soul searching, she realized she was a witch!! Her love of tarot, divination, gardening, herbal medicine, natural healing, nature, animals, spirit communication, celebrating the full moon/solstices/equinoxes, and energy work are exactly witchcraft! Join Christina as she leads you through the history of witchcraft, types of witchcraft, and different kinds of witches (Eclectic, Green, Kitchen, etc). She will also clearly define Witchcraft as a religion and a science, and debunk myths, stigma, and fear-based beliefs. We also cover witchcraft practices, beliefs, and basics. The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts. 


Where am I from? Starseeds & Planetary/Galactic Soul Origins
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!

We will discuss all the known starseeds, their planetary and galactic origins, and traits. Christina will then guide you through your Natal Birth Chart and your Akashic Records so you can gain insight into the origins of your soul as well as your lessons and purpose in this lifetime. YOU WILL NEED YOUR DATE, TIME, AND LOCATION OF BIRTH FOR THIS WORKSHOP.The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts.


The Soul, Soul Mates, Soul Groups, Soul Contracts, & Soul Lessons.
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
A discussion of soul mates, soul groups, soul contracts, past lives, reincarnation, and in-between lives in the spirit world.  Learn how to identify your soul group, soul mates, and gain more insight into your soul’s age, purpose, mission, and lessons. The online/on-demand class includes a 3+ hour video class plus handouts. 


Spirit Guides. Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
A discussion of spirit guides, the different kinds of spirit guides, their purpose, how to communicate with your guides and build a relationship with them. Christina will then take you on a shamanic/guided journey to the spirit world so you can meet your spirit guides. The online/on-demand class includes a 3.5 hour video class plus handouts. 


Understanding the Spirit World.Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
A detailed workshop on the spirit world! Learn all about the different dimensions, realms, the inhabitants of the different spirit realms, what we do when we are not incarnated, what happens when we die, what happens when we reincarnate, how to visit and communicate with the spirit world, and more!!  The online/on-demand class includes a 3.5 hour video class plus handouts. 


Working with Deities, Gods, Goddesses, The Triple Goddess and her Consort.
Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
A detailed workshop on deities! Christina will give you an overview of the Triple Goddess archetype and introduce you to numerous Gods and Goddesses from a variety of cultures and pantheons. You will learn how to select deities to work with, how to work with them, how to tell if one if calling out to you, and how to work on becoming an oracle to communicate with Gods and Goddesses. The online/on-demand class includes a 3.5 hour video class plus a 100+ page handout. 


Animals and Spirituality: Animal Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Animal Familiars, & Animal Communication. Online/on-demand class! Regularly $60. On sale for $25!!
Learn about the different types of animal spiritual guides, familiars, and totems. Learn about animal communication and intuitive abilities. Learn all about telepathy, how to tune in to your animals and connect heart to heart, mind to mind, energy to energy and tap into the universal language of all species. Christina will then facilitate intuitive development exercises and activities as well as a guided meditation/shamanic journey for you to tap into your intuition, meet your animal spirit guides, and communicate with your pet companions. The online/on-demand class includes a 3.5 hour video class plus a handout. 


Astrology Series: Exploring The Cosmos, Psychology, Purpose, Personality, & Spirituality
8 online/downloadable classes that are each 3.5 hours long for a total of 28 hours of classes! Plus a detailed workbook and lots of additional handouts for each class.  Certificate of Completion available after you watch all 8 classes. Throughout this astrology series, you will learn the basic language of archetypal astrology, how to read and recognize the most important features of a birth chart, how to interpret a birth chart, how cosmic influences manifest in a birth chart, all about the planets, the Big 3, asteroids, houses, past lives, esoteric astrology, starseeds, your life purpose, psychic abilities, and so much more!! Join me to learn to better understand yourself and gain self-awareness and insight through astrology! This series will build your self-understanding, self-insight, and enhance your personal growth. It will also give you a base/foundation to start understanding and assisting others with astrology (if you feel drawn to do so).  For more information about the series/class, click here.  PURCHASE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. 


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