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In-person in Sheboygan, WI and Online/Zoom/Phone

**Intuitive Readings (Tarot, Oracle, Palmistry, Astrology, etc)**

**Chakra Psychology**

**Shadow Work**

** Intuitive Development**


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  • Christina sees clients in-person on Wednesdays and Fridays at her office in downtown Sheboygan, WI.
  • Online/Zoom/Phone appointments are available on Tuesday mornings/afternoons/evenings and Thursday mornings/afternoons/evenings.
  • Classes and special events are offered on Saturdays. Not available on Sundays or Mondays. 


Christina Wilke-Burbach PhD is a consultant, educator, spiritual counselor, and holistic healing facilitator with 24 years of experience and education in natural health, psychology, and spirituality.  She specializes in women’s wellness and spiritual psychology.  The majority of her clients are empaths, intuitives, energy sensitive, psychics, mediums, healers, lightworkers, modern mystics, shamans, medicine women, witches, deeply spiritual individuals, and individuals experiencing a spiritual awakening.  Christina uses holistic approaches that treat the whole person.  Christina does not practice western psychology, psychotherapy, psychological counseling, or psychiatry; she does not give diagnosis or labels or provide psychological treatment. She is not a medical doctor, licensed psychologist or mental health therapist, and does not accept insurance.  She is a modern mystic and spiritual counselor; combining psychology, spirituality, metaphysics, and intuition into her healing appointments. Christina has a PhD in Health Psychology, Training in Transpersonal Psychology, a Masters Degree in Psychology, a Bachelors Degree in Anthropology, a Bachelors Degree in Psychology, and a minor in Sociology, but is an Alternative Medicine Provider, Holistic Healing Facilitator, Consultant, and Educator, not a behavioral health counselor or psychotherapist. Christina’s services can greatly complement Western psychological, counseling, psychiatric, and social work services clients may be receiving.  Holistic Healing can also be a great alternative to traditional counseling and traditional mental health care. Think of Christina as an alternative counselor. Her experience working in the Western mental health and psychology field and her own personal healing experience has taught her that talk therapies and medications do not work for everyone and healing occurs at a deeper level.  Western Psychology also fails to acknowledge the spiritual and transcendent aspects of the psyche. In her healing appointments, Christina utilizes a combination of energy medicine, counseling, chakra psychology, spirituality, Transpersonal Psychology, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, artwork, music, movement, intuitive readings, mind/body techniques, and natural health consultation.  Christina specializes in women’s wellness and can best address:

  • Major Life Changes and Life Transitions
  • Feeling lost, confused, and/or unbalanced
  • Women seeking wellness, life purpose, meaning, understanding, transformation, enlightenment, spiritual development, and personal growth. 
  • Women sensitive to others’ energy (Empaths)
  • Spiritual Awakenings and Spiritual Emergence
  • Intuitive/Psychic Awakening
  • Women having psychic, mystical, and unexplainable experiences
  • Stress, burnout, fatigue, & exhaustion
  • Depression, Anxiety, Mood Imbalance
  • Grief & Loss 
  • Emotional Concerns
  • Substance Abuse
  • Relationship Concerns, Family Concerns, Parenting Concerns
  • Career Concerns & Guidance on Career Path and Life Purpose
To Purchase:  22% off Spiritual Psychology appointment bundles with Dr. Christina! 3, 6, 9, and 12 appointment packages! 60 or 90 minutes! (Packages are good for 6 months). On sale until January 31, 2022! Please contact Dr. Christina at 608.393.7353 or with any questions. Register by paying the fee below. Please note, all sales are final. Sales are not valid for previous purchases. Sales can be purchased at the PayPal Cart below. Dr. Christina will confirm your appointment request and/or class registration within 24 hours of receiving your payment and will send you the login info to access and download the classes. Online classes and sessions will be emailed to you within 24 hours of purchase. Please note, all sales and special offers are always non-refundable. 


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